Bgc villians

Top Row: Olivia, Gigi, and Julie Middle Row: Nikki, Natalie, and Char Bottom Row: Angela, Aimee and Redd

Villians in the bad girls house are bad girls that fans love to hate. They are considered villians due thier ruthless attitudes and behaviors. They were also likable to a cetain extent. They are the girls that everyone loves to hate.

Notables VilliansEdit

Season 1: Aimee Landi: The first villianess in bad girls club history. She was best known for instigating arguments with everyone which even led to a legendary physical altercation with Ty.

Season 3: Ailea Carr: The first jumpahoe in history. She became a memorabe jumpahoe because she bragged about kicking [[Amber Meade|Amber]] in the stomach which everyone called her out on it. She then pretended to be remorseful which got her kicked out for it. She also instigated multiple argument with [[The Ambers]] and the rest of the house.

Whitney Collings: Was always making threats towards The Ambers.

Season 4: Natalie Nunn: The seasons primary antagonist, she has been under everyones skins mainly Flo, Portia, and Kate.

Annie Anderson: Feuded with Kate, she messed with her stuff. Lowkey shady bad girl.

Lexi Woltz: Jumped Kate on the last episode

Season 5: Morgan Osman: Known for her diva attitude which rubbed most of the roomates and the producers the wrong way which led to a massive stair fight and her removal.

Season 6: Nikki Galladay: The primary antagonist of the season as she got into numerous fights with many of the girls specifically [[Jade Bennett|Jade]] and [[Wilmarie Sena|Wilmarie]]. She was also known for her antics which rubbed everyone the wrong way.

Char Warren: Ruthlessly ran the house and admitted that she was not sorry that anyone was that easy to be manipulated. She was later deemed heartless by her roommates and Hilton.

Season 7: Tasha Malek: Made homophobic and somewhat racial remarks. Was also viewed as stuck up.

Shelly Hickman: Bullied Judi for no reason.

Season 8: The Victor Twins: Bullied Elease which eventually rubbed the cast the wrong way.

Elease Donovan: Victim turned abuser. She would attack Christine and Camilla for no reason.

Gia Sapp-Hernandez: Constantly jumping into every fight Erica had.

Season 9: Julie Ofcharsky: Orchestrated numerous departures because she did not like them. She also managed to turn friends into enemies making her a master manipulator.

Rima Mellal: Brags about sending people home but in reality just gets beat up causing them to get sent home.

Season 10: Valentina Anyanwu: Jumped into numerous fights and she bullied Janae, Shannon, and Rocky. She was even involved in many twitter feuds with past Bad Girls.

Alicia Samaan: Rubbed a lot of roommates the wrong way leading to people believe that she was fake. She was also viewed a bully as she bullied Janae.

Season 11: Gigi Lopez: Constantly regarded as the most hated bad girl in history.

Jazmone Adams: judged Janelle due to how she looked in a photograph starting a senseless feud.

Milyn Jensen: Primary instigator for the first 4 episodes as she managed to turn the whole house against Sarah.

Benze Webber: Tried to jump Shanae as soon as she got in the house. She also jumped Hailey along with the rest of the house.

Season 12: Dalila Ortiz: Made insults towards everyone as soon as she came to the house and at the reunion.

Alyssa "Redd" Carswell: Was deemed a bully by poducers. She became the first person removed for jumping as she jumped Jada multiple times. She also rubbed Lo and Blu with her "actress" antics leading them to wonder who is the real Redd.

Season 13 Natalie Nunn: Resorted back to "Season 4" Natalie by annoying everyone yet again.

Rocky Santiago: Despite being a fan favorite in her original season, many fans viewed as a bully.

Jada Cacchilli: Despite being a fan favorite in her original season, many fans viewed as a bully. Plus was a major hypocrite, telling people to own up but not owning up for breaking Camilla's camera.

Season 14 Lauren Lewis: She served as the primary antagonist for the first half of the season by picking fights with Clerminah. She also bullied Alicia

Jasmine Carter: Biggest flip flopper, bullied Alicia, her "Judi" like antics rubbed fans the wrong way, and orchenstrated the largest mass removal in Bad Girls History along with Jenna.

Kat Florek: Once she snapped on Clerminah, she began snapping on everyone including Amber & Jela.

Clermont Twins: Snobby attitude rubbed the 1x wrong way as they constantly called them peasants and told them to know their place.

Season 15: Olivia "Liv" Adams: Lied about having cancer rubbing her roommates and a lot of fans the wrong way.

Angela Babicz: Annoyed with almost every replacement and constantly treated her sister horribly.

Diamond Jimenez: Lied about being sisters with Olivia and tried to pin the blame on her.

Season 16: Tabatha Robinson: Bullied Kailie and initiated beef between Zee and Brynesha.

Kaila Wilkey: Also bullied Kailie but never wanted to step up to Ellaidria or Kandace.

Zee Carrino: Major flip-flopper as she threw kailies stuff from the balcony and called the Gang Gang Gang bullies.

Season 17: Kiyanna Bygrave: Attempted to jump Seven and Briana while they were fighting Francesca.

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