Bad Girls Club: New Orlean. The Bad Girls return to New Orleans in a season full of fights, thrills and bust-ups!


Original Bad Girls

Bad Girl Age Hometown "Bad Girl" nickname
Gia Diamante 23 Staten Island, NY "The Shining Star"
Letitia Dawson 21 Chicago, IL "The Sex Bomb"
Gabrielle "Gabby" Mendoza 22 Miami, FL "The Blazing Inferno"
CeCe Lombardi 19 Seattle, WA "The Tiny Assassin"
Cassadee Greene 23 Nashville, TN "The Cowgirl Casanova"
Sun Paik 20 New York, NY "The Harajuku Barbie"
Victoria Jones 27 Providence, RI "The Mother Hen"


Episode 1: Hello New Orleans!

2:23 A.M, Outisde Club Delaware, New Orleans


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