Hey guys, bad girls. Ladies and gentleman. I am one of the admins here on Bad Girls Club Wiki and it is definitely needed to be said that it is time for a wiki makeover. Meaning that everything must be updated, everything must be cleaned up and a new look will definitely be in place for this wiki. 

Comment Sections:

  • For each page, there will be a comment section, however, bashing bad girls or saying rude things will result in a ban and the comments will be instantly removed.
  • Anonymous users will be removed from commenting on this wiki, meaning that you MUST have an account to be allowed to comment and edit.

Bad Girls Pages

  • Bad Girls pages MUST be updated, all from Season 1 to Season 11. Their personalities, timeline in the house and their fights. 

New Wiki Look

A new wiki look is under construction, so keep a look out!

It is important for every user to comply with these announcements!

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