Episode 1: California Chaos

In San Diego, seven girls enter the Bad Girls House. The first girl who enters is Victoria, the second bad girl who enters is Kristiana, then after that, Cynthia and LaToya both meet each other to enter, Ebonie enters the house with Victoria and Kristiana, and then, Tyzhae, Cynthia, and LaToya altogether enter the house, and as they all get to know each other a bit more, they start to enjoy their days in the house. Lastly, Stacie enters the house, much to the girls surprise, who start to consider her as a laggard, but they easily get to know her more.

As all of the girls all head out to a club for a celebration, tables start to turn as Stacie's drinking buddy, Kristiana, acts out of her zone. A drink spills on Stacie's dress, who starts to get infuriated about it, and claims that she spent more money on her dress. Kristiana starts to act as if she doesn't care, and a heated argument gets more intense at the club. As they all go outside and back to the limo, Ebonie tries to handle the argument between Stacie and Kristiana, but it gets worse when a drunk Kristiana takes her anger out on Ebonie, she gets into an argument with her, while Stacie ends up isolating herself from it.

Later on, LaToya starts to judge Tyzhae's weird and uncomfortable ways back in the house as she takes more shots. LaToya tries to calm her down, but Tyzhae refuses to get comfort, and LaToya becomes angry by the way she acts towards her and confronts her. Tyzhae and LaToya also get into a heated argument, and Tyzhae pushes LaToya down, and she gets back up, grabs Tyzhae and hits her back, but couldn't get any more hits in as security holds them back.

In Stacie's room, along with Cynthia, she explains her issue with Kristiana and why she feels as if she might start to reach a boiling point against her. Cynthia starts to understand her more after recalling her ways at the club, and they start to bond. Meanwhile, Ebonie gets pumped up when it comes to her fight with Kristiana, but Victoria tries to keep her calm, knowing that Kristiana is her roommate. 

Kristiana starts to write stuff about the girls on their pictures, scribbling their faces off and doing childish things, and as LaToya spots it, she quickly goes upstairs and tells Stacie about it. Infuriated by this, Stacie quickly goes downstairs to confront Kristiana about it, but a loud and rude Kristiana tries to overtalk her, while Stacie wants to explain what happened between them. But Kristiana throws a drink in her face, ruining the rest of her clothes more, and Stacie grabs Kristiana by her body and physically attacks her, but not as much as the security holds them back, the rest of the girls watch as the fight escalated.

When Kristiana calls her out, Cynthia quickly comes to the defense and gets into a heated argument with her, and Cynthia starts to fight her, but as security holds them back, Stacie gets a sneak attack and fights Kristiana, grabbing her by her hair and giving punches, it was difficult for the security to let go of her. Stacie decided that she couldn't take being in the house any longer with Kristiana and decides to pack up her things and leave. Everyone all agreed that they wanted Kristiana out of the house. They all wanted to hold a house meeting together to explain their situations with Kristiana, but said enough, they wanted her out, but Kristiana refused to, avowed to stay until the end.

Episode 2: Bad Bitch Habits

The next morning, the tension is still there when it comes to Kristiana and the rest of the girls. While Cynthia is still infuriated by her fight with Kristiana and Stacie's departure from the house. Cynthia, then, explains to Victoria that she feels scared that she may be the next one to leave the house. That day, Cynthia, LaToya, Tyzhae, Ebonie, and Victoria all headed out together to flee away from Kristiana, who stayed at home alone without a care. However, things get more tense as the girls head out when it comes to both Tyzhae and LaToya, as she feels as if Tyzhae was showing off the other night. and claims that she doesn't like her personality. 

Kristiana goes in the phone booth as she explains to her dad that the girls doesn't like her, and also says that she doesn't care either way. Her father tells her that if she wants to be a bad girl, she should stick in the house until the end no matter who doesn't like you. Kristiana suddenly took it in consideration.

When all of the girls all try to head out together, Kristiana tries to talk to everyone, but there becomes sudden silence as they all try to ignore her, and LaToya, however, feels bad for her. The girls head to the nightclub, and while there, Ebonie spots a hot guy giving her looks. Without hesitation, Ebonie went to go talk to him, and she claimed that he was attractive and he was very sweet, and she decided to allow him to come over to the Bad Girls House for the night. One night in the house, however, caused him and Ebonie to be sexually active alone in the room, as Cynthia, Tyzhae, and Victoria all overhear her moaning and inappropriate manner.

The next morning, Ebonie explains her sexual night with the guy with everyone, but she mentions that he wasn't good enough and kicked him out minutes after. She says that his "penis was small" and he was horrible in bed. 

Meanwhile, Victoria finds herself overhearing Kristiana on the phone as she explains her beef with Cynthia and the rest of the girls to her best friend. Victoria walked to Cynthia and the rest of the girls telling them how Kristiana is talking about them behind their backs. This infuriates Cynthia, but she tries to keep her cool, knowing that she doesn't want to be removed from the house. 

The next night, Ebonie once again spots eye candy at the club as they head out again, but she never got her chances to talk to him a lot due to a heated argument between LaToya and Tyzhae, in where a drunken Tyzhae tries to hit on other guys, and LaToya gets sick of her ways and confronts her. This argument leads to the limo as they both try talking about the situation and what LaToya feels about her overall. Tyzhae gets infuriated by this, yelling and screaming over LaToya, threatening to fight her, and it all ended up with LaToya throwing a drink in her face. In retaliation, Tyzhae gets up from the limo and physically attacks her, as the rest of the girls try to stop the fight, and the car stops, and security tries holding them back. 

Back in the house, LaToya grabs her sweatpants and puts on a white tank top, and puts her hair in a ponytail, ready to fight, while Tyzhae is still yelling, trying to get her attention, and Ebonie tries calming her down. Cynthia feels as if Tyzhae has pushed a limit to annoyance, and Kristiana feels glad that she's not being the center of attention anymore. LaToya then goes to Tyzhae, but ironically, Tyzhae gets LaToya, but she fights back, her fists connecting straight to Tyzhae's face, the security holds them back, and LaToya goes back in the room, isolating herself.

Episode 3: Strippers, Tippers and Hair-Rippers

After a fight between Tyzhae and Ebonie escalate, LaToya attempts to think about her future with her on friendship with the other girls in the house. She decides to isolate herself from the rest of the girls and she tries to turn to Kristiana. Tyzhae is sent to a hotel that night and LaToya moves out of her room.  The next morning, Cynthia, Ebonie and Victoria rant on what may happen when the new girl comes into the house.

The new girl appears as the new picture on the wall - when the girls discover her, they are shocked by Gina's looks, but Victoria thinks that she may be more trouble for the girls in the house. Tyzhae returns to the house, and LaToya is left avoiding her. The next night, the new girl, Gina, enters the house with an energetic attitude and tries to greet the rest of the girls.

"Miami bitches don't play.. just say one word about us, and you'll most likely get your teeth knocked out. BOOM." - Gina.

The girls, at first sight, judge her positively. She is asked to have a drink with the rest of the girls, and she agrees to do so. The girls like Ebonie likes her attitude in the house and thinks that she is down to earth.

Later that night, the girls decide to go out at a nightclub, but LaToya and Kristiana decides to stay to keep away from the tension in the house. However, this infuriates Cynthia - she believes that she is acting immature and switching sides. The girls remaining try to get to know Gina more as she states that she is a stripper from Miami. The girls are intrigued to see what she has in store. Cynthia starts to see Tyzhae's true colors as her drunken ways start to flow around after their departure from the nightclub. She wants to plan to pick on LaToya and Kristiana as they all get home. This leaves Gina in the middle as she becomes confused and left out of what happened before she came into the house. Gina decides to keep her cool and let it all go.

Tyzhae runs into the house and starts to confront LaToya and Kristiana randomly as Tyzhae claims that LaToya was talking trash behind her back. LaToya tries to ignore her, but Kristiana defends her and tells her to leave LaToya alone. Tyzhae and Kristiana start to get into an argument, and LaToya defends Kristiana in return, leading to pushing and yelling. Ebonie tries to hold Tyzhae back and lays her in the bed to calm her down. Kristiana thinks that Tyzhae is unstable to be in the house and she wants her to leave.

Cynthia decides to confront Tyzhae's drunken ways through tough love, and yells at her and tells her to leave LaToya and Kristiana alone, but Tyzhae is too weak and too emotional to even realize her actions and she acts out of control, by throwing things and slamming things down to the ground. Ebonie tries her hardest to stop it but she can't control what she does. In the confessionals, LaToya and Kristiana both talk about how fed up they are of Tyzhae's actions, and they want to find any way possible to get them out of the house.

Ebonie explains the prodigious tension that occurs in the house the next morning, and tries to make her realize the way the house is divided and she is stuck in the middle. Gina thinks that she should lay low for a while and watch the drama unfold. Later on, Tyzhae wonders what happened to her the other night, and Cynthia tells her how psychotic she was acting towards LaToya and Kristiana. Cynthia feels as if she doesn't want to revolve herself around Tyzhae until she changes her ways. However, LaToya and Kristiana are determined to get Tyzhae out of the house. 

As Tyzhae decides to go out with Ebonie, LaToya and Kristiana both form a plan to pack all of her things in plastic bags and throw them outside. Kristiana takes the lead by doing it, when Tyzhae and Ebonie returns to the house to see clothes packed in plastic bags, Tyzhae is aghast, and questions who touched her stuff. Kristiana decides to take defense and say that she did it, along with LaToya, they want her out, and Tyzhae and the two girls go into a screaming fest. Ebonie drags her stuff back into the house, until Kristiana tries to pull her stuff back outside, but until Ebonie decides to punch Kristiana, she fights back, and grabs Ebonie by her face and punches her. Until Tyzhae attempts to jump into the fight and attack Kristiana. LaToya decides to attack Tyzhae for jumping in and the four are both on the floor. This is a cliffhanger.

Episode 4: A Bitch Without a Cause

Cynthia, Victoria and Gina are shocked to see the physical altercation of Ebonie, Tyzhae, LaToya and Kristiana, but the fight gets worse when security attempts to calm the girls down, but Tyzhae is pumped up as she continues to attack Kristiana in another fight. The security breaks up the fight, and when so, the producer comes to talk to Tyzhae and decides to send her home. 

Ebonie is angered by this and she plans to get revenge on Kristiana for causing her close friend to leave. Later on, Cynthia meets a guy and she starts to like him, but she starts to become frustrated due to her relationship at home, and she is confused and she doesn't know what to do. Meanwhile, Gina is worried that she may have beef with the new girl even though she has been there for a short period of time, and she claims that she's not the fighting type at all, but she will defend herself if she has a right to. 

The new girl's picture shows up, showing a dark-skinned smiling girl with short black hair, the girls squeal over her, but of course, Victoria judges her looks, thinking that she isn't all that attractive. Meanwhile, Ebonie gets a surprise phone call from Ty, stating that she misses her and she wants to get back at Kristiana and LaToya. Ebonie explains to LaToya that she plans to get vengeance on the both of them, no matter if she is sent home or not.

"I'm totally too mature to fight anyone... but if you push my buttons, trust me, in two seconds, you'll see nothing but pitch black." - Brittany.

That afternoon, a limo is seen outside, and the girls quickly go at the door to greet her, while Brittany goes into the house, half of the girls greet her. Meanwhile, as the girls get to know her, Victoria attempts to reach out to her boyfriend who is going into the army in the next days. She is scared to say goodbye to him and doesn't want him to leave. 

The girls go to a night club to test Brittany's social life. However, Victoria notices Brittany's mature, classy behavior, and feels like she may become a bore in the house. But the rest of the girls love her personality, and her spirit in the house. Gina gets to know Brittany a bit more, and they realize they have a bit of chemistry together; however, certain remarks made by Kristiana towards Gina, makes her question if she's the next target in the house.

Kristiana thinks that she may have an issue with Gina based on how she acts, and she has bad vibes about Brittany. So, Kristiana, along with LaToya, decide to buy baby monitors and hide them in the confessionals, to which Gina calls out after she notices them, calling it unoriginal, based on events in BGC11. Kristiana starts to feel provoked, and she decides to confront Gina for it, they get into a major argument in the confessional room, and Kristiana pushes Gina, but as she tries to retaliate, the rest of the girls try to pull her back.

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