Original Bad Girls

Bad Girl Age Hometown "Bad Girl" nickname
Ashleigh Parks 23 St. Louis, MO "The Blonde Baller"
Carina Reynolds 22 Cleveland, OH "The Rising Star"
Jamie Hampter 26 New York, NY "The Demonic Diva"
Melanie Thomas 21 Richmond, VA "The RICHmond Princess"
Shanelle Ortiz 23 Camden, NJ "The Jersey Spitfire"
Tamber Jade 21 Philadelphia, PA "The Life of the Party"
Vanessa Barnes 23 Brooklyn, NY "The Brooklyn Bachelorette"

Replacement Bad Girls

Bad Girl Age Hometown "Bad Girl" nickname Replaced
Kristina Woods 21 Reading, PA "The Ferocious Flirt" Vanessa
Joi Farlin 24 Atlanta, GA "The Peachy Bombshell" Shanelle
Taylor Hansell 23 Austin, TX "The Texas Temptress" Joi

Duration of Cast

Bad Girls Season 8 Episodes
Episode 1 Episode 2 Episode 3 Episode 4 Episode 5 Episode 6 Episode 7 Episode 8 Episode 9 Episode 10 Episode 11 Episode 12 Episode 13 Season Finale
Ashleigh Ashleigh Ashleigh Ashleigh Ashleigh Ashleigh Ashleigh Ashleigh Ashleigh Ashleigh Ashleigh Ashleigh Ashleigh Ashleigh Ashleigh
Jamie Jamie Jamie Jamie Jamie Jamie Jamie Jamie Jamie Jamie Jamie Jamie Jamie Jamie Jamie
Melanie Melanie Melanie Melanie Melanie Melanie Melanie Melanie Melanie Melanie Melanie Melanie Melanie Melanie Melanie
Tamber Tamber Tamber Tamber Tamber Tamber Tamber Tamber Tamber Tamber Tamber Tamber Tamber Tamber Tamber
Kristina Kristina Kristina Kristina Kristina Kristina Kristina Kristina Kristina Kristina Kristina Kristina Kristina
Carina Carina Carina Carina Carina Carina Carina Carina Carina Carina Carina Carina Carina Carina Carina
Taylor Taylor Taylor Taylor Taylor Taylor
Joi Joi Joi
Shanelle Shanelle Shanelle Shanelle Shanelle Shanelle Shanelle Shanelle
Vanessa Vanessa Vanessa Vanessa
  • Vanessa voluntarily leaves the house in episode 2 due to multiple conflicts with Tamber and being fed up with being in the house overall.
  • Kristina replaces Vanessa in episode 3.
  • Vanessa returns in episode 4 for the Oxygen photoshoot. 
  • Shanelle voluntarily leaves the house in episode 7 after brutally attacking JamieAshleigh and Carina.
  • Joi replaces Shanelle in episode 8.
  • Joi voluntarily leaves the house in episode 9 after feeling like an outcast of the house.
  • Taylor replaces Joi in episode 10.
  • Tamber voluntarily leaves the house in episode 11 after a physical altercation with Ashleigh and Carina.
  • Carina is kicked out by Jamie in episode 14 as a part of her scheme.
  • Taylor is removed from the house in episode 14 after a physical altercation with Ashleigh.


Episode Fight Winner
Episode 1 Tamber vs. Vanessa Tamber
Ashleigh vs. Shanelle Shanelle
Episode 2 Tamber vs. Vanessa (2) Tamber
Episode 3 Jamie vs. Ashleigh  Ashleigh
Episode 4 Melanie and Shanelle vs. Carina Melanie and Shanelle
Episode 5 Tamber and Kristina vs. Ashleigh Tamber and Kristina
Episode 6 Tamber vs. Carina Tamber
Shanelle vs. Carina, Jamie and Ashleigh Shanelle
Episode 7 Shanelle vs. Carina Shanelle
Jamie vs. Melanie Tie
Episode 8 Joi vs. Jamie Joi
Episode 9 Tamber vs. Joi Tamber
Episode 11 Taylor vs. Carina Tie
Episode 12 Taylor vs. Ashleigh Taylor
Kristina vs. Carina Kristina
Episode 13 Taylor vs. Ashleigh (2) Taylor
Episode 14 Taylor vs. Ashleigh (3) Taylor
Reunion, Part 1 Tamber vs. Ashleigh  Tamber
Ashleigh vs. Taylor Taylor
Jamie vs. Carina Carina
Reunion, Part 2 Tamber, Melanie and Kristina vs. Jamie Tamber, Melanie and Kristina
Shanelle, Tamber and Kristina vs. Ashleigh Shanelle


No. in
Title Original air
1 "Welcome to Chaotic California" July 8, 2014

In the beginning, it is set in San Diego in 2:52 am, and screaming can be heard from outside. 3 girls can be shown outside when explaining what happened. One of the girls, Shanelle, in the house were completely fed up with the others continuing to talk bad about her, or make up lies to start drama, and she, therefore, decided to leave with a bang. The girl sat in the confessional, saying "These girls... are coming to a rude awakening. They don't know who they've been messing with these past couple of weeks, they don't know who I am, but they're gonna see when I leave this house with a [bleep] bang." She grabbed a large gallon of milk and walked her way upstairs to another girl's room, when walking up, she went to another girl's room, and made a comment to the girls inside that she would miss everyone when she leaves, but surprisingly, takes off the top of the milk gallon, takes a sip, but pours it all on the girl, Carina, when she tries to fight back, Shanelle brutally attacks her down to the ground, while Jami attempts to jump in, and Shanelle slams Jamie down on the ground, grabbing her hair and punching her in the face. The security tries to stop the fight and pulling Shanelle away, only for Shanelle to push the security off of her when Ashleigh makes a remark that causes her to grab her and physically fight her, the chaos caused police sirens to be heard. 

6 weeks later, the girls are introduced. The first girl that is introduced is Ashleigh, who makes her way as the first girl to enter the house. She is described as a real girl with a bad ass mind, she doesn't listen to what anyone says and she's living her life and no one should push her buttons. Hours earlier, Tamber is introduced when she leaves the airport. In that limo, she meets Shanelle, and they start to bond with each other and Shanelle thinks that Tamber is pretty down-to-earth. Later on, Jamie is at a food court outside and she meets Melanie and they start to connect with each other, and admit to having similar interests. Later on, back at the house, Ashleigh is still alone by herself, taking a drink, until a limo pulls up and Carina makes her way inside, energetic and happily greeting Ashleigh. When they take a look around the house upstairs, Carina agrees to be roommates with Ashleigh. Meanwhile, another girl makes her appearance in the house, Vanessa, and they meet each other, and wait for the other girls to enter. Jamie and Melanie enter the house, while Tamber and Shanelle are the last two to enter the house. Tamber and Shanelle agree to be roommates, while Jamie and Melanie agree to do the same.

When the girls enter the house, everyone starts to try and get to know each other and are excited for their start in the house; however, when Tamber continues to claim that she has a bigger house, a bigger limo and other materialistic things, it makes Vanessa uncomfortable and she feels like she's being very cocky. Carina and Ashleigh are also annoyed by her conceited behavior. Later on, Jamie, Melanie and Shanelle get to know each other and they describe what they think of the girls so far, but what Shanelle says about Ashleigh is misunderstood by Jamie, thinking that she called her a slut. Meanwhile, all of the girls head out to a nightclub, but when trying to enjoy themselves, Vanessa, Carina, Melanie and Ashleigh are confused and embarrassed by Tamber's attention seeking actions when she is dancing around on guys and dancing on tables. Vanessa tries to calm her down and take her back inside of the limo, when the girls try to get her settled, Tamber feels as if she's going to throw up, but Melanie finds herself confronting a drunk Tamber when she is called a bitch for trying to help her out. Melanie gets heated when this happens until they head back home, and Tamber falls down to the ground. The girls are embarrassed by her drunk actions, but Shanelle helps her up back into the house. After that, Tamber starts to act hostile towards all of the girls, but it backfires when a heated Vanessa yells at her for blaming her for her own problems, this leads into a physical fight.

The fight stops, but Vanessa already finds herself not liking Tamber already. Meanwhile, Jamie starts to make friends with Melanie and Carina; however, Jamie starts to make a little scheme to bring out the best of one target to her in the house: Shanelle. When Jamie reveals that she feels Shanelle is annoying and thinks that she's better than everyone like Tamber, she feels like she should get "taught a lesson", the girls start talking about it, but when Shanelle starts to overhear, she is confused of what's going on and assumes that they are trying to get her out of the house already.

The next morning, Tamber apologizes to Vanessa for whatever she did the other night since she didn't remember, but Vanessa tends not to forgive her even though respecting her for admitting to her mistakes. The girls all head out for breakfast, but sudden tensions arise when Tamber continues to talk about being drunk and how it affected her. Vanessa and Melanie seem to be annoyed by it, and Jamie wishes that she would "shut the f*ck up about it." Ashleigh, then, tells her herself to just let it go and get over it, and what happened in the past is the past. Tamber felt like everyone is already against her now.

Later on that night, Jamie attempts to start a rumor when the girls go to a nightclub again, by telling Ashleigh that Shanelle made up things about her, saying that she looks like a slut. This shocks Ashleigh, but also angers her, thinking that they developed a friendship thus far in the house, and she confronts her in the limo about it. However, the confrontation causes an argument when Shanelle refuses that she said anything bad about her, and knows that Jamie had something to do with it. Ashleigh continues to argue with her, but it ends with a fight when Shanelle pushes her away from her face.

2 "Point of No Return" July 15, 2014

Jamie finds herself intrigued in Ashleigh and Shanelle's newfound rivalry, but Ashleigh continues to believe that Shanelle called her a slut. After the limo fight, Ashleigh found herself staying in the limo with an emotional reaction. Carina comes to comfort her when Ashleigh reveals to have had a troubled past with sexual abuse and revisiting that hurts her a lot.

When Jamie tells Carina that she made a scheme to start a fight between Shanelle and Ashleigh and told her how she caused it, Carina grows a liking for Jamie's ways. Later on, while everyone seems to be over Tamber's ways, Vanessa still feels uncomfortable around her when she tries to spark a conversation. That day, Tamber, Shanelle and Melanie head out to a nail spa, and the girls vent on Shanelle's beef with Ashleigh, and she makes a good guess that she knows Jamie is the cause of the fight they had. Although Melanie finds herself on good terms with Jamie, she knows that what Jamie did wasn't right. But then again, she didn't want to be involved in anyone else's drama.

Later that day, Vanessa calls her big brother, Vince, and tells him about her time in the house thus far and discusses her distaste for Tamber, her brother gives her advice and tells her to just ignore her, but Vanessa states that she's at the edge with her.

Shanelle invites her boyfriend over for more male company, and when he visits, he is suddenly the main attraction of the house. They began to talk to each other alone in her room about how she got into a fight, and how she will refuse to be messed with. They start to make out, and then after sex. But Ashleigh finds it disgusting to hear or see them doing it while other girls are in the house, the rest of the girls all try to sneak inside to see what was going on, and quickly scattered out from upstairs. That next morning, Shanelle's boyfriend leaves and Shanelle brags to the girls about how passionate their night was.

Tamber wants everyone to go to a club that she requested, all agree except for Vanessa, who decides to stay home. This questions the girls who think that it's stupid for her to be in the house if she won't have fun over one person. Vanessa is confronted by Tamber alone, who tells her that she needs to get over the past and stop acting childish. Vanessa's anger starts to increase, but when the girls go out, Vanessa starts to lose it. Vanessa calls her mother and tells her that she can't take being in the house anymore, but when her mother yells at her, telling her to be the bigger person and stay, she tells herself that she can't take being in the house at all, and admits that she is ready to leave.

Meanwhile, at the club, the girls are all seen partying, and Ashleigh and Shanelle are in no interaction with each other, even though Ashleigh still isn't fond of Shanelle anymore. Tamber seems that she has started to reconnect with the rest of the girls again, but Vanessa seems irrelevant to her, in her opinion.

At the house, Vanessa writes a letter on the computer and it shows on the large projector on the wall, leaving it to run as she packs up all of her things, admitting that it's time for her to go, saying that she doesn't belong in a place where she won't be treated the best and that her experience thus far was worth it, she gets into the limo and leaves the house. Meanwhile, the girls all return back into the house to see an empty one, with no sign of Vanessa, and Melanie seems to be angered when she reads the letter she wrote on the computer.

  • Vanessa voluntarily leaves the house in this episode.
3 "Departures and A Rival" July 22, 2014

Melanie is angered by Vanessa's departure while the girls think that she was being immature and stubborn for no apparent reason. Meanwhile, Jamie and Carina find themselves creating another scheme by trying to make the new girl's time in the house a fearful one.

In continuation of Vanessa leaving the house, Melanie is the most angered about it, while the other girls are shocked, all thinking that her motive for leaving was immature and stubborn. That next wee, the girls are all anticipating for the new girl, when they see her picture in the house, they judge her looks, thinking she's very pretty, but hopes that she doesn't turn into a bitch. However, Jamie and Carina both agree on an idea to try to make the girl's entrance a bit interesting. When the new girl, Kristina, enters the house, she's mostly describing herself as a flirt, she's a good person if you get to know her, but don't push her buttons. When she meets everyone, most of the girls tend to like her, but they attempt to make her take shots in the house, and when she starts drinking, she immediately becomes intoxicated. The girls all head out to the night club later that night, where Kristina continues to start drinking, and she passes out, the girls all take her home back in the limo, and Kristina is sent back to the house with the girls, where she sleeps, and Ashleigh, Jamie and Carina attempt to make a concoction on her face, they squirt mustard, ketchup, and whipped cream on her face, and they put the cans and bottles on her body to make it as if she did it herself. 

However, this situation causes problems for Jamie, Ashleigh and Carina when the issue is backfired when Kristina confronts the girls for what they did to her. Jamie and Carina claimed they had nothing to do with it, therefore, blaming it on Ashleigh infuriated her, and thought that what they did was completely fake because it was their idea all along. Kristina confronts Ashleigh, and she retaliates back, by stating that everything was just a joke. Ashleigh gets angered at Jamie and yells at her for blaming everything on her, but it leads to an argument when Jamie tries to put herself out of the situation, leading to Ashleigh pushing her down to the ground and calling her a bitch. Jamie walked back up to hit her until Carina pulled her away, and telling her that she isn't worth it. 

Kristina, the next morning, bonds with Shanelle, who tells her not to trust some of the girls in the house due to their sneaky ways. Tamber, Shanelle and Kristina head out together for hair, and the girls all try to have a good time and leaving the issues in the house behind, while Jamie plans to throw a party to have more company in the house. Melanie talks to Ashleigh, who is still angry about Jamie and Carina, and tells her not to let them anger her so much.

Melanie calls her boyfriend and tells her how hard it is for her to be in the house without him being around, this leads her to be in tears. The girls all try to give her advice by telling her that everything will be okay. Later on, all of the girls head out for dinner, Melanie recieves a number from a guy she thinks is cute; however, Carina finds it stupid that she has a guy at home that loves her, but takes another guy's number. When the girls head home, Carina sneaks into her pants pocket while laying down, with Jamie, rips it up in pieces and throws it in the pool. Shanelle is a victim of this, and thinks that she needs to mind her own business and let Melanie make her own decisions.

  • Kristina replaces Vanessa.
4 "Liar Liar, Bitch on Fire" July 29, 2014

Jamie and Carina's scheming and instigating ways towards the rest of the girls infuriates an angered Shanelle and Melanie. Later on, Tamber gets annoyed by Ashleigh when she starts to join their side once again.


In the morning, Shanelle wakes up with Tamber, telling her about what she saw the last night when Carina threw a man's number that Melanie gave her into the pool. They both agree that it wasn't her business to do that and she should be confronted for it. Meanwhile, when all of the girls all head out together when they are to do a photoshoot for Oxygen. That time, they were getting prepared and Vanessa made her return, but it seemed very tense when the girls reunited with her again. Vanessa decided to give the girls the silent treatment and they began to start the photoshoot for Oxygen.

Meanwhile, Ashleigh goes face to face with Jamie and Carina during the photoshoot, all talking and exchanging banter, and this disappoints Tamber, who feel like Jamie and Carina use her and make her feel gullible - when Shanelle sees, she feels like Ashleigh is a dumb bitch for being around them and thinks that she can't think for herself. Later on, Kristina calls her mother when telling her about her experience in the house thus far, when Kristina tells her that she feels like some of the girls are a bit rude and mean, Jamie overhears her and talks to Carina about it, and feels like she shouldn't be in the house if she feels that way, but Melanie starts to get annoyed by the two's secret alliance, assuming that's the reason why Kristina feels that way.

Meanwhile, when the girls head out to the same club they went to the other night, Melanie bumps into the same guy she meets at the club, and he asks why she hasn't called, and she replies that she lost his number. When he gives her his number again, Shanelle decides to go to Melanie and tell her that Carina trashed the last number into the pool, and this causes Melanie to lose her respect for Carina, as well as Jamie.

In continuation, the issue is discussed in the limo when Melanie tells Carina why she did it, Carina explained that she feels like it's trashy to get a guy's number when she's dating someone back home, Melanie tells her that whatever she does is none of her business and she needs to stop thinking that she knows what's best for other people that she doesn't know. This turns into an argument when Melanie brings Shanelle into the scene, and Carina makes a remark saying that Shanelle needs to stay out of it. This causes her to jump into the argument, but resulting in an angered Carina, who bangs the limo window telling her to shut up, and then, she throws a drink at Melanie and a fight escalates when she retaliates and hits Carina and Jamie tries to hold Carina back, while Shanelle can be seen trying to hold Melanie back, and when Carina hits Shanelle, she suddenly jumps in the fight, the limo stops and everyone gets out the car when security pulls them away from each other. Shanelle and Melanie become fed up with the girls that they decide to stay outside and they take a cab to a hotel. The rest of the girls go back into the limo, and they discuss the aftermath of the fight. Jamie tries to tell her that no matter what she'll have her back, and Ashleigh is seen comforting her. 

On the way home, Carina goes into the confessional and starts to release her anger, saying that she's done with Melanie and she will do whatever she can to make Shanelle's days in the house a living hell until she leaves.

  • Vanessa makes an appearance.
5 "Manipulate, Contemplate and Instigate" August 6, 2014

Tamber and Kristina start to realize Jamie and Carina are using Ashleigh and making her believe untrue things about the girls. Meanwhile, Melanie is torn between her boyfriend and Darren, the guy she met at the club, and Carina makes up a plan to get Shanelle out of the house. 


Melanie and Shanelle return from the hotel, but decide that they don't want to go back into the house yet, and Tamber and Kristina decide to get dressed to hang out with them that morning. The four all hang out, but Melanie and Shanelle tell the others what happened: Melanie got a number from a guy, kept it in her pocket, when she was sleeping, Carina grabbed the paper, ripped it up and threw it in the pool, Shanelle was the victim, Shanelle told her at the same club the other night, and that's how it escalated. The four also realize that Jamie and Carina are manipulators and instigators, especially to Tamber and Kristina, thinking that they are also using Ashleigh as a pawn.

Jamie, Carina and Ashleigh all converse inside of the house, when Carina wants to make up a plan to get Shanelle out of the house. Jamie and Ashleigh are also not fond of Shanelle and think that it's her time to leave. 

When the girls all return back into the house, tension arises in the house when Melanie and Shanelle return and Carina is there. Meanwhile, Melanie calls her boyfriend, but no mention of Darren, the guy she met at the club. She feels as if she may have been wrong for getting his number without her boyfriend knowing. 

Tamber and Kristina continue to see the way Jamie and Carina treat Ashleigh. Meanwhile, Ashleigh starts to realize that there is a division in the house between the girls. Carina, Jamie and Ashleigh on one side, and Tamber, Kristina, Melanie and Shanelle on the other.

Later on, Tamber heads out with the girls, but when she starts to drink, things seem to take a turn back to the way it was on the first night when Ashleigh starts to get annoyed by her drunken demeanor. Ashleigh confronts her at the bar after, and Tamber puts her middle finger up at her and ignores her. While driving back home, Ashleigh can be seen angry and annoyed when Shanelle and Kristina helps Tamber up and back into the house. Tamber. The next morning, Shanelle calls her friend and tells him that she's feeling as if she's going to pop off any second if someone starts something with her, but finds that her main targets are Jamie, Ashleigh and Carina, who continue to pick on Tamber for whenever she's drunk.

Jamie, Ashleigh and Carina head out together to eat and they talk about Tamber and Shanelle, and how they aren't too fond of Kristina anymore since she joined the other alliance. Carina still is on her quest to get Shanelle out of the house by trying to make smart remarks to her. Jamie gives her a plan to start trouble. 

The next night, Ashleigh decides to go out by herself to a club to get a drink, and party around, as an attempt to start attention in the house. Ashleigh goes back home, and abruptly enters screaming, yelling and instigating. Calling names and yelling, only to target Shanelle, only until Tamber yells out "shut the f*ck up". Ashleigh runs upstairs into her bedroom while they were trying to sleep, trying to confront her. "Who are you talking to? Mind your f*cking business." Tamber yells at her, telling her to stop being a follower and do what Jamie tells her to, and later tells her to go suck off or pop off in her face.

When Ashleigh tries to get close to her face, Kristina tries to stand up to defend her, only when Ashleigh pushes her away the first time. Kristina tries to make another attempt, and Ashleigh pushes her down to the ground. Ashleigh moves closer to Tamber, wanting her to make a first move, but when Kristina grabs Ashleigh by her hair after pushing her, Tamber attacks her. They start to fight each other, only until security holds them back the first time. Ashleigh goes into the room, but Kristina runs into the room attempting to run after her, but the security holds her back. During the aftermath, Shanelle wakes up, asking Tamber what had happened. When Tamber tells her, this pushes her breaking point. 

Carina and Jamie sat in the room while Ashleigh began to vent about what happened. Jamie and Carina think that Kristina crossed the line for supposedly jumping in, and Carina wants Ashleigh to fight back, forcing her to go back into the room to fight Kristina for trying to jump in the fight, Ashleigh pulls up her hair, and walks back into the room where Kristina stood in the hallway, as if she was already prepared. Ashleigh tried to make the first hit, and Kristina grabs Ashleigh, swings her down to the floor and Tamber runs out of the hall to pull them away, only to get herself involved in the fight when Ashleigh grabs her down to the ground. TO BE CONTINUED

6 "Breakfast at Shanelle's" August 13, 2014

Things go awry when Carina and Shanelle go head to head, but when Shanelle reaches her breaking point, it may cause some damage. Meanwhile, Tamber and Kristina are encouraged by Jamie to drink, but it's only to push Ashleigh's buttons. 


When the security asks for Ashleigh and Kristina to be sent to a hotel, things get more tense when Tamber and Shanelle find themselves having no care for Ashleigh, Jamie and Carina's stupid antics. Tamber finds a scratch on the side of her face after Ashleigh claws her while attacking Kristina, she goes into the confessional with Shanelle, talking about the other girls and when this happens, Jamie and Carina over hear, and they push themselves into the confessionals while Carina confronts Shanelle for trying to get involved in things that "isn't her business", when this happens, Tamber tries to push them out of the confessionals, but Shanelle walks out of the confessional room trying to ignore Carina, who tried yelling "Go home, Shanelle, go home." with Jamie. Shanelle knows that Carina is trying to start trouble, and Jamie is trying to follow her lead, she feels her limit is almost up. 

The next morning, Melanie, Tamber and Shanelle were in the beauty room, they were preparing to go out together in order to stay away from Jamie and Carina, and when they left out to go out for breakfast, they drove off, only until Kristina made her way back inside of the house, putting her things back into her room and going to the phone room. She calls her boyfriend telling him that she got into a fight last night, and says that she's not going to go home for some crazy bitch to prove that she's a bad girl, she will stay and she's not going to let Ashleigh get into her problems. Later on, Ashleigh made her way back into the house and up the stairs when she went into Jamie and Carina's room, telling them what happened, how it happened and more. Carina tells Ashleigh when Tamber and Shanelle went into the confessionals "talking sh*t" and they confronted them, and yelled at Shanelle to go home. Carina's motive is to take Shanelle home and she's willing to do what she can to get her out. 

There was tension in the house between Kristina and Ashleigh when they were both in the kitchen, but when Ashleigh tries to spark a conversation, Kristina ignores her and walks out of the kitchen and back into the room. In her interview, she says she refuses not to talk to her and she's done with Ashleigh's flip-flopping ways. Later that night, there is call from a special bad girl from season 7, Tiara, who asks to speak to Kristina, whom she is friends with. When Kristina approaches to the phone, she talks to her, and tells her what happened between her and Ashleigh and basically scratched her and Tamber's faces. Tiara found that disgusting and disappointing to hear and she gave Kristina advice, try to stay in the house longer and not let anyone get to her. After that, Kristina and Shanelle decide to stay home while Tamber suddenly goes with the rest of the girls out to a night club. 

When Shanelle stays home, she and Kristina start to share a bond together when they start to get to know each other a bit more. After the girls finish partying, in the limo, Carina starts talking bad about Shanelle, telling her that she's an ugly b*tch with a bad temper, she looks like a slut and she has a yeast infection. Tamber is disgusted by her comment and she is quick to defend her, telling her that is offensive, rude and cruel, and how would she feel if people talked to her like that, Carina yelled back at her, telling her that she wouldn't care, and to stop sticking up for her "girlfriend" referring to Shanelle. Tamber throws a drink at Carina, and Ashleigh and Melanie try to stop the fight before it escalates. Tamber was completely infuriated on the way home, and Tamber left out the limo door and walked into the house, at first, trying to act as if everything was okay when Shanelle asked her how everything went.

The next morning, Carina woke up with Jamie, telling her that she's willing to get Shanelle out of the house on this day, and she has a plan. Ashleigh would try to convince her to go out on that night, and they would pack all of her things, put them outside and act as if they didn't do anything. Jamie likes this plan and she knows that it will be in effect. Later on, Shanelle calls her mother, telling her that some of the girls are obviously trying to hate on her, and her mother gives her advice, telling her not to back down. Meanwhile, Ashleigh suddenly makes a request to go out with the rest of the girls, since everyone wants her to. Shanelle shrugs, and is surprised at first, and then she agrees, although not without hesitation. 

Later that night, Tamber, Melanie and Kristina decided to go out with Shanelle that night, but found it weird when Ashleigh, Jamie and Carina decided not to go, claiming that they didn't feel good. When the girls left, Jamie, Carina and Ashleigh grabbed all of Shanelle's clothes, Carina spit on a couple, and put them in her suitcases, the girls all grabbed each suitcase and pulled them outside by the front door, ran inside of the house and pretended like nothing happened. While Shanelle was having fun, they all went back home, until Shanelle found herself in awe when she saw her suitcases outside of the house. Shanelle began to realize that Ashleigh had set her up and she felt like she couldn't take it. She opened up her suitcases and then realized that the shirts were wet and covered in saliva. She was disgusted with what she saw, so was Tamber, Mel and Kristina. Shanelle lost her mind when she opened the door without a word, Jamie, Ashleigh and Carina began to laugh silently. Shanelle looked as if she was ready to kill and she was ready to cry, but she kept her composure at first, she went into the phone room and called her mother, and told her what happened, her mother started yelling and told her to beat those b*tches up, fight back. Shanelle grabbed her fists together and shook her legs, Tamber, Mel and Kristina tried to calm her down and she walked out of the phone room, to the confessional, and it seemed as if she was going to lose her mind. She says "These girls... are coming to a rude awakening. They don't know who they've been messing with these past couple of weeks, they don't know who I am, but they're gonna see when I leave this house with a [bleep] bang."

Jamie, Carina and Ashleigh were still giggling off of what happened, and Shanelle walked to the kitchen, grabbed a gallon of milk and she walked her way upstairs. When she walked inside of the room, she had opened up the milk and drank some out of the jug, and Shanelle made a comment that she would miss everyone if she leaves, but leaves one last thing out. She opened up the jug and poured the milk all on Carina, with the two girls inside gasping. Carina tried to retaliate by trying to fight back, but Shanelle brutally attacked her to the ground, and started to punch her hard, when Jamie tries to jump in, Shanelle grabbed Jamie by her hair and slammed her to the ground hitting her and Carina, until the security held them back and Tamber, Kristina and Mel all were shocked at the event, Shanelle pulled away from the two until Ashleigh called her a punk ass bitch, and she pushed security away from her to get to Ashleigh, punching her in the face and pulling her down to the bad and attacking her, the security finally got her and the producers pulled Shanelle and Ashleigh away, Shanelle walked into the room, and Jamie, Carina and Ashleigh looked beaten, and Jamie, Ashleigh and Carina was completely angered at what happened when she got into the confessional, calling Shanelle a psychotic bitch. 

Shanelle pulled her hair up and left out the house when security decided to send her to a hotel that night and Tamber, Kristina and Mel began to react on what happened and found themselves shocked of Shanelle, but also felt like karma was a bitch for the other three. Later on, the girls started to realize how brutally beaten Jamie looked and after feeling a lot of pain, sirens flared around and Jamie had decided to go to the hospital, and Ashleigh decided to go with her. Carina found herself going to the confessional, saying that it's not over and she's ready for more of Shanelle and hopes she leaves. TO BE CONTINUED.

7 "Universal Bad Girls" August 20, 2013

With a large departure from one bad girl, tension suddenly rise high even when the bad girls are to go on a vacation to Orlando, Florida for the weekend. Meanwhile, Jamie's constant bickering about Tamber and Kristina turns into a heated conflict that may change a clique.


The next morning, Jamie can be seen lying down sleeping in order to heal and recover after fighting with Shanelle. After that, Ashleigh goes into the confessional and tries to explain what had happened the last night, and how she and Jamie were both sent to the hospital. Meanwhile, Shanelle had made her way back inside of the house, it was silent and full of tension, after that, Shanelle walked inside of the beauty room when the producers had put her aside due to last night, they told her that the last night she brutally attacked two out of three girls in the house, one with a broken nails, and and a busted lip, and one with a black eye, and since the producers didn't want that type of tolerance in the house, she was asked to pack up her things to go home. Shanelle nodded her head and took the request seriously, although her things were already packed, she went to the room with Tamber, Kristina and Melanie and hugged them all and said her farewells. However, when the limo came, the producers were waiting for her to escort, but when Shanelle claims that she missed a couple of things in the room, she lied, walking inside of Carina's room, and claiming that she got what she wanted, but now it's time for her to get what she wants. She spits on Carina after knowing from senses that she spit on her clothes, and after that, Carina attempted to get up and hit her, until Shanelle pushed her down to the bed and started to hit her. The security pushed her back and Shanelle shrugged, and Carina angrily reacted, while Jamie and Ashleigh were disgusted by what she did. Shanelle walked away with both of her middle fingers up and walked out to the limo. Carina was so angry that she ran downstairs and outside and when Shanelle tried to get inside, Carina tried to hit her until Shanelle had hit her back, and the security stopped Carina, putting her back inside. Carina called her a bitch and left back inside. Shanelle found herself happy to be leaving the house, although saying she learned from her experience, she doesn't have to stay in a house to be a bad girl, she's herself and no one will stop her. Shanelle's limo drives away...

With only six people in the house, Tamber feels nervous of how the new girl will be, but feels like the replacement may be a big part of Jamie and Carina's alliance with Ashleigh. Later on, Kristina, Melanie and Tamber leave the house and go out to an arcade in order to release some stress from beng in the house. The three start to realize that they are having much more fun than with the other girls, and Tamber loves her friendship with Melanie and Kristina. Back at the house, Jamie starts talking about her face healing and Carina thinks that the new girl will be the next target, she is nervous, however, of how crazy she may be. With all of the tension in the house, Kristina knows the larger division between the six girls in the house, and feels like something has to be done to break the tension throughout this house. Later on, Melanie has a phone conversation with her boyfriend, to whom reveals that he is unable to talk to her, this happens consistently during the times they talk and this annoys Melanie, feeling like she needs a male figure around to feel comforted. When Melanie vents about this situation to Tamber and Kristina, they both feel like she should try to pull apart from him for a while until they are ready to connect with each other.

Meanwhile, Carina decides to call her mother for the first time, revealing all of the hostility that has diffused throughout the house, even revealing that she was attacked constantly. Her mother tells her to either rock it out like a bad girl or leave like a bad girl. While that, Ashleigh notices a present outside their house door. When she takes it in, she calls everyone down and they read that they are going to Orlando, Florida for vacation. This lifts up the spirits of all of the girls who are excited to pack up and get ready to head to the airport.

The girls hope to have a drama-free weekend at Orlando, but hopes that things can get settled within the vacation. With noticing the tension in the house, Jamie finds herself wanting to push more conflict within the house, but with Melanie and Tamber as the targets. The girls all pack up and is sent to the airport to go to Florida, and when they arrive, all are excited with their resort.

When realizing that there aren't enough beds for the six girls, Tamber decides to sleep in with Kristina, and Melanie gets her own room, which annoys Carina and Ashleigh. After that, the girls all prepare to have a big day at Universal Studios, but for now, they would experience many more events by going to the nightclubs. At the nightclub, Jamie stares down party girl Melanie when she finds herself all on Kristina, Even though Melanie is dating, she admits that she's bisexual and she's into girls, but with Kristina, she wouldn't want to hurt their friendship. But Jamie is disgusted, feeling as if Melanie's exposing herself on TV for sex. Jamie talks to Carina and Ashleigh about it when they return, and although they talk privately, Melanie knows what she's hearing, but she decides to avoid it due to their peace outside of the San Diego house.

The next morning, the girls had all prepared for a day of fun at Universal Studios, while Jamie had found herself deciding to freshen up with Carina and Ashleigh for the trip. The girls had all went to the nail salon, but the three had began talking about Melanie and Kristina's bond, with Jamie's continuation of talking about it, Ashleigh seems over it, knowing that she doesn't have an issue with Melanie. Carina isn't fond of Melanie based on that, and they feel like she should leave the house.

Back at the resort, Melanie tells Kristina and Tamber about the Bitch Clique's talking about her behind her back, and she shows her annoyance and feels like at any moment she could burst. Melanie decides to try and keep her cool, but if it doesn't work, she is sure to reach a breaking point. Meanwhile, all of the girls finally get ready to go to Universal Studios. 

Not finished.

  • Shanelle is removed from the house.
8 "A Brutal Welcoming" September 4, 2014
New girl, Joi doesn't recieve bad girl hospitality in the house when it comes to Jamie, Carina and Ashleigh's demeanor. Meanwhile, Kristina and Melanie have a steamy night together, which causes Mel to become torn by her feelings for her and her boyfriend. 
9 "Down Low on the Low Down" September 11, 2014
While Tamber's friendship with Joi develops, it immediately falls off when Joi makes an offensive comment, and a fight escalates. Carina's friendship with Jamie takes a turn when Carina starts sucking up to Melanie, rekindling their friendship in the house in the past, and Kristina seems to dislike it, based on her night with Mel.
10 "Destination Back to Georgia" September 18, 2014
When Joi starts to realize the true colors of the girls, due to a phone call with former bad girl, Shanelle, things start to take a horrid turn. Tamber takes a new step in trying to take Joi out of the house, while Jamie and Carina get into an argument. 
11 "Outcasts in Miami" September 25, 2014
When the girls head to Miami for a vacation away from the house, new girl Taylor joins in, but is already ostracized. Meanwhile, Carina starts to realize that her mistakes in the house lead to many consequences, and Tamber and Kristina are chosen for a fashion competition. 
12 "Leave it to Jamie" October 2, 2014
Taylor and Ashleigh's rivalry develops gradually in the house, when Jamie tries to start a fight to test the new girl's skills. Carina and Melanie's friendship angers Kristina, and she confronts her about her flip-flopping ways. 
13 "The Wild Child" October 9, 2014
Taylor's drinking behavior rubs Ashleigh the wrong way, but Taylor's breaking point is already set. Jamie feels Carina is flip-flopping, and Tamber's brother takes a visit. 
14 "Bad Girl Schemin' and L.A. Dreamin'" October 16, 2014
Jamie schemes to get her former sidekick, Carina out of the house, and Taylor's days are numbered by Ashleigh, who is attacked with a bang. The girls' last days in the house are also numbered as they all give their goodbyes, and two decides to stay in L.A.
15 Reunion, Part 1 October 23, 2014


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