Name Location "Bad Girl" nickname Age
Ashley Manson Los Angeles, California "The Spotlight Stealer" 26
Bridget Lancer Chicago, Illinois "The Chi-Town Fury" 25
Imani Jones Philadelphia, Pennsylvania "The Loudmouth Bombshell" 21
Joyce Gooden Philadelphia, Pennsylvania "The Rap Goddess" 23
Kelly Morrisson Arizona, Texas "The Primadonna" 24
Sade Parker Manhattan, New York "The Classy Chick" 22
Ty Anderson Brooklyn, New York "Hood 101" 22

Replacement Bad Girls

Name Location "Bad Girl" nickname Age Replaced
Kimani Sanchez Trenton, New Jersey "The Wild Loud Child" 21 Kelly
Daniela Randall Houston, Texas "The Texan Terror" 22 Ashley
Roshonda Woods Harlem, New York "The Reality Checker" 24 Daniela
Bad Girls Episodes
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14
  • 'Kelly is removed from the house in episode 4 due to a physical altercation with Ty'.
  • Kimani replaces Kelly in episode 5.
  • Ashley is removed from the house in episode 7 after a physical altercation with Ty and another with Kimani.
  • Daniela replaces Kelly' in episode 7.
  • Daniela voluntarily leaves the house in episode 10 after finding out about her mother's death.
  • Roshonda replaces Daniela in episode 11.
  • Ty is removed from the hose in episode 13 after a physical altercation with Imani, Joyce, and Sade


Fight Episode
Ty vs. Sade Episode 1
Bridget vs. Ashley Episode 2
Kelly vs. Ty Episode 4
Sade vs. Kimani Episode 5
Imani and Ty vs. Ashley and Sade
Ashley vs. Ty and Kimani Episode 6-7
Daniela vs. Kimani Episode 8
Bridget vs. Sade Episode 9
Roshonda vs. Ty Episode 12
Ty vs. Imani, Joyce and Sade Episode 14
Kimani vs. Roshonda Reunion, Part 1
Joyce vs. Ty
Ty vs. Imani Reunion, Part 2
Bridget vs. Ashley
Ty, Kimani, and Bridget vs. Ashley, Sade, and Kelly Reunion, Part 3

Episode Guide


Episode 1: Trash Talk In Beverly Hills

When seven bad girls arrive to take over Beverly Hills, tension immediately rises higher between girls Ty and Sade as their personalities completely clash. Meanwhile, Ashley's cockiness rubs some of the girls in a wrong way.

Opening Fight: Ashley vs. Ty and Kimani

The first girl that enters the house is Joyce, in other places is where Ty meets Bridget, and they all meet Ashley. As all of the girls arrive in the house to get to know each other, Sade seems out of place as she feels like none of the girls want to get to know her, and Kelly gets annoyed by this as Sade gathers ways to complain about the lack of attention she has. Meanwhile, when the girls head out for the club that night, Bridget starts to realize Ashley knows a lot of celebrities or a lot of people since she's from L.A., however, this rubs Bridget in a wrong way when she thinks that she brags about it. Ty gets to know the girls like Imani, who she finds immediately weird, but they become close through the fact that Joyce and Imani are both close friends in Philadelphia.

Everyone feels that Joyce seems to be the life of the party and someone who doesn't want to start drama, but to finish it. After that night, Sade calls her mother, telling her how it is in the house thus far, and she talks bad about most of the girls and saying that they treat her like she doesn't exist. This continues to annoy Kelly when she tells the rest of the girls what she said. Kelly decides to ask Sade to talk to her, and she vents about how she feels when she overheard her conversation with her mother. Sade admits that she feels like no one notices her, and Kelly tells her that she should make the effort to talk to others. While Ty admits that she didn't seem to like Sade's outside look after she shared a moment that made Ty think that she was bougie, this becomes a sign that Sade thinks Ty is jealous of her. At this point, Sade decides to call Ty out drunkenly, and Ty immediately confronts her back, telling her not to bitch about attention. This argument, at first, is stopped by Joyce herself. Sade decides to go out on her own to keep her composure by going to another nightclub, and Joyce, being the bigger person, decides to go with her. While ironically, Joyce and Sade immediately bond with each other, and they seem to develop a friendship with each other. Sade comes back very drunk.

Ashley gets along with Kelly, developing chemistry, and Bridget doesn't seem to like it because she feels that she can't trust Ashley and her ways. While Sade returns, she calls one of her friends, still name calling the rest of the girls but Joyce had already knew she was drunk. When Sade had attempted to get the word out that Ty admitted to being a virgin when she entered the house to make an insult, Imani suddenly overhears her and tells Ty. This angers Ty and she opens up the phone room door aggressively to confront Sade while she's on the phone. Sade and Ty get into another argument and even though Sade is drunk, she continues to provoke Ty, who pushes her off the chair while she's on the phone, she hung up the phone and Sade quickly got up and hit her back, they threw punches at each other, leading into a physical altercation and Imani and Joyce trying to stop them. 

At the end, Ty immediately deemed Sade as one of the girls she dislikes, and as the girls all decide to go to bed, Sade decides to stay up herself, starting trouble for Ty and even Imani for snitching as she writes insults on their pictures and spits on them.

Episode 2: Name Calling

The next morning, Imani and Ty had both discovered insults written on the pictures in the house and they immediately knew Sade did it. Imani had gotten irate over this as she stopped the fight for Sade, she decided to go upstairs to confront her as she was hung over, yelling at her and telling her that she's a fake bitch for calling her out even when she stopped the fight for her. Sade told her to shut up because she started the fight and instigated anyhow and Imani refused to believe that was true, she decided to curse at Sade and leave. During the day, Joyce decided to head out with Imani and Ty, but this hurt Sade as she believed that she began to flip-flop on her, even though Joyce was close friends with Imani, she didn't want to take sides. They had breakfast together while Ashley, Kelly and Bridget all had all went out with them, inviting Sade, but she denied their offer. Joyce talked to the two of them to admit that she was drunk and she didn't mean to say those things about Ty, who suddenly felt like Joyce already took Sade's side even though it seemed like it was none of her business. The other three had breakfast together there also seemed to be much more tension between Ashley and Bridget when she had continued to comment on how many Twitter followers she has and she met a lot of celebrities. Bridget had continued to be annoyed, while she had confronted her briefly about it, telling her she shouldn't flaunt how many people she knows. Ashley senses that either way, Bridget can be jealous of her, but she ignores her remarks.

Meanwhile, Sade tries to reconnect with Ty, thinking that they ended on a bad mark, to try to apologize to her for the other way, however, although Ty gets where she's coming from, she doesn't fully accept her apology, saying that she doesn't trust her and she doesn't think she ever will. Meanwhile, most of the girls all head out to the pool in the back, while Sade, Joyce and Kelly stay in and converse. Near the pool, Ty, Ashley, Bridget and Imani share fun, and when they all talk about their lovelifes, Ty admits to being bisexual, and Bridget claims to be bisexual too. Ashley, of course, admits to having a relationship with a celebrity, who is revealed as Tristan Wilds from 90210. Bridget finally decides to confront her face to face at the pool, telling her that no one truly cares about it because all she does is name call and talk about celebrities just because she's in L.A., this leads to an argument when Ashley tries to defend herself, Ty and Imani watch in shock, but they both agree that Ashley has been acting cocky and attention seeking. When Ashley calls Bridget jealous, she retaliates by pushing Ashley in the pool, telling her to shut up as she walked away. Ashley was left in anger that she wanted to get at her, but Imani stopped her to stop any issues. The next morning, Bridget comments on the events from the last night, telling her roommates, Kelly and Joyce, that if Ashley does or says anything to her, it's going to be bad.

Ty, Imani and Bridget all try to stay away from Ashley, and when she decides to invite a friend, Marsha, over to keep her company, she is pleasantly welcomed and introduced to the house, and she quickly gets along with Joyce, Sade, and Kelly. The rest of the girls seem very annoyed even though they barely care that Ashley is there with her friend. All of the girls all decide to head out together for the sake of a night out of the house, and when Ashley has her little group together, Ty, Bridget, and Imani can be seen annoyed by it. Bridget seems to think that Ashley is being an attention whore just to lure everyone into liking her, and she doesn't agree. When the others are drunk, they all head back in the limo, where things start to escalate after Ashley makes a slur about her life in L.A. with Marsha, which leads Bridget to immediately confront her, this turns into an argument that Ty and Imani attempt to jump in, which Joyce didn't seem to like, but after this happens, Bridget pours a drink on Ashley. After this, Ashley completely retaliates by hitting her back and throwing punches until the girls try to stop it... it ends in a cliffhanger.

Episode 3: Cliques That Click

In continuation of the fight between Ashley and Bridget in the limo, they all head back to the house where Ashley starts to become more angrier. Joyce and the others try to calm her down while Bridget seems to continue to push Ashley's buttons. Ashley immediately finds herself to believe that Bridget is a troublemaker and she only keeps her word when Ty and Imani are there to jump in. Marsha decides to leave but consoles Ashley before she departs, and Joyce makes the action to put her in bed to get some rest. Joyce had also noticed how Ty and Imani jumped into the fight, and she felt disappointment in Imani, knowing in Philadelphia, that's not what they do. Joyce approaches both Ty and Imani to tell them that they shouldn't have lead the fight on against Ashley, while Imani had understood, Ty didn't like the fact that Joyce thought they were jumping in when they were only trying to defend Bridget.

The next morning, Ashley doesn't sincerely remember what happened and Sade explained that Bridget was starting a fight. Sade starts to realize that there are two sudden cliques in the house: Joyce, Sade, Kelly, and Ashley; then there is Ty, Imani, and Bridget. It seems as if the house is already split up even though it doesn't go well with Kelly, who seems to be annoyed by Ty, to whom she notices continues to pick on Sade or talk negatively about her more than she does with the other girls. Ashley calls her brother and tells her what had happened the night previously, and her brother tells her to make it until the end and not to let anyone get in her way. Afterwards, Joyce, Sade, Ashley, and Kelly head out together where they all talk about the split in the house, but Kelly shows her anger more towards Ty, who seems to be the one that leads drama on more than she ends it, Sade agrees, while Ashley focuses on Bridget's jealousy towards her, and Joyce is worried about her friendship with Imani, and she fears it may fall apart due to her clique with Ty.

When the girls all return, Bridget talks to Ty and Imani, where they start to feel like Ashley is their main target, and when they notice that the girls are split into cliques, Ty gets the idea to pull a prank on them to stir up drama to get one of them out of the house, Bridget agrees but Imani feels iffy about it at first. Meanwhile, Ashley, Kelly, Sade, and Joyce seem to enjoy theirselves in the house by playing around roughly in the house and joking, but when Bridget hears the commotion, she tries to tell them to stop ignorantly, even though they don't seem to care what she says. As the rest of the girls, once again, try to go out together, and it is once again split up. At this moment, Imani gets to meet a guy at a nightclub, and she invites him and three friends over to hang out with them, but things turn sideways when one finds himself wanting to hook up with Joyce, who denies the offer.

The next day, when the girls are asked to participate in a parade to promote Bad Girls Club, the girls are extremely excited to feel more known in Virginia, so to prepare for the big night, Joyce, Ashley, Sade, and Kelly all head to the spa. The four all chat about Ty's anger over the fact that the guy she liked made a move on Joyce, and Ashley feels like she's their target and she fears she may be forced out of the house and she won't make it to the end, but the others deny that will happen. That night, every girl began to prepare for the parade and all left the house - each girl had fun watching everyone watching them on a float during the parade, afterwards, the girls all had dinner to celebrate, and Sade noticed and overheard many slurs Ty and Imani began to make about her and the group when they all were split up once again, this had annoyed Sade, after she heard one last remark, Sade stood up and sat next to them, telling them if they have anything to say about her, they can say it to her face. Ty comes back to confront her in response, telling her that no one is worried about her or the other girls and she should mind her business, when Imani jumps in to argue, Sade sets the record straight on Imani, Ty attempted to push her, while Ashley pulled her back. After the heated argument, Joyce, Sade, Ashley, and Kelly all decided to head back home to end the drama right then and there. When they head home, the aftermath begins, and the rest of the girls head home as Ty attempts to start more trouble with the rest of the girls, Joyce tries to stop it, and after that, Ty suddenly calls out Kelly when she calls Ty out. This angers Kelly and she becomes even more irate than before, but before she can try to get her point across, Joyce tries to pull her back and send her upstairs, where she tells her to calm down and that it's not worth it.

In the confessionals, Kelly admits that she's getting fed up with Ty's ways and Imani and Bridget's sidekicking, and she decides to throw out her belongings outside as an indication that she should leave. This ends in a bang.

Episode 4: Spitting/Hitting Fury

When Kelly attempts to throw most of her things outside of the house, Ty doesn't notice until Imani notices it. Kelly tries to punch her picture, throw it out with her, and while Ty confronts her as Kelly continue to throw out her things, Kelly ignores it, but as Ty hits her from behind. Kelly throws a bag of clothes of hers in her face, and physically attacks her, punching her in her head hard and pulling her down to the floor to attack. Imani had attempted to run to stop it until the security surrounded the two after breaking up the fight, Kelly can be seen pulling Ty's weave out. Afterwards, Kelly throws her hair outside and Ty feels immediately violated. Joyce, Ashley, and Sade are conued with what had happened after she went upstairs to tell them she fought Ty. Minutes later, the producers pull Kelly aside, and they shockingly tell Kelly that due to the brutality of the fight, Kelly has to leave the house. This disappoints Kelly, when she tells her clique that she has to leave, the three are disappointed. When Kelly packs all of her things, Ashley, Sade, and Joyce come to hug her and say goodbye when she gets in the limo. Kelly admits that she doesn't regret what she did, but she will sincerely miss her girls and she wishes they all stick it out until the end.

Ashley seems very disappointed after Kelly's unexpected departure, and each of the girls had already questioned what the new girl would be like, and how she would fit in the house based on their clique. Later on, Joyce admits to her clique that she wants to be a rapper and she has other aspiring dreams, that she didn't want to come to the Bad Girls Club just to have fun, but a way to follow her dreams and move to further success. After she proves her rapping skills, Imani knows someone who could help her with a career near the Virginia area, but Ty doesn't agree with Imani's decision to hang with Joyce. Meanwhile, Joyce and Imani go to Imani's cousin's recording studio, and as they meet each other, Joyce is destined to prove to the producer that she can rap, when she raps, the producer is very intrigued in her lyrical style and agrees to help her get into her rapping start. After Joyce and Imani go back to the house, Imani and Ty have a conversation with each other, when Ty feels like Imani shouldn't trust her and that she shouldn't talk to her because she's not trustworthy enough. Imani gets the feeling that Ty is trying to break her relationship with Joyce apart just to stir drama even more in the house and this leads her to be very suspicious. 

Sade and Ashley both head out to a salon together and try to get a break from the tension in the house after Kelly's removal from the house. Ashley gets a feeling that she may be the next target in the house because she knows that Bridget will do anything to make it happen, while Sade feels like her beef with Ty may significantly increase in the house so she's trying to keep her cool until someone makes the move to fight. Meanwhile, Bridget talks about her relationship with her current boyfriend, who had been drafted into the army, Ty feels bad when Bridget tells her that he's going to Iraq in 2 weeks and now she's in the house without him around. That night, Sade decided to support Joyce when she went back to the recording studio to start on the song she had written by herself, however, it doesn't seem to go as well when she realizes her voice isn't as well as before due to the outside energy. She seems immediately embarrassed by this, while the producer suggest that she gets rest and drink plenty of fluids and she can come back. When she goes back home, she tells Ashley and Kelly about it and they all comfort her, while trying to cheer her up, Joyce decdes to sleep, until Ty calls one of her boy friends to bring a bottle and others to have fun at the house. The crew enters very loud and annoyingly and this gets on Joyce's bad side, but as she tries to ignore it, Sade is one to stand up and ask them to stop, but until one of the guys make a move on Sade, she immediately confronts him. Ty calls Sade a "debbie downer" and they ignore the rest of the girls, and Ty, Imani, and Bridget all share fun outside of the pool. However, it leads to more chaos that Joyce can't take, and she gets aggravated and walks out on the balcony to tell them to stop, she becomes irritated and yells at everyone for ruining her sleep. This ends in a bang.

Episode 5: Get In to Fit In

After Joyce loses her breaking point with Ty and her disruptive company, it shocks everyone, and Ty feels as if Joyce is trying to seek attention. The next morning, Joyce discusses her unusual outburst with Sade and Ashley, who believes that Ty's drama is becoming out of control. As the three have a conversation, Bridget overhears and talks to Ty and Imani about the tension around the house. The girls, meanwhile, shockingly notice a new face on 

Episode 6: 

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