Name Location "Bad Girl" nickname Age
Cynthia Lily Rose Nashville, Tennessee "The Country Goddess" 22
Ebonie Corville Philadelphia, Pennsylvania "The Philly Princess" 21
Kristiana Stephens New Orleans, Louisiana "The Lovestruck Spitfire" 24
LaToya Cruz Ontario, Canada "The Sassy Sex Symbol" 23
Stacie Ramirez Atlanta, Georgia "The Hair Master" 26
Tyzhae "Ty" Swanson Philadelphia, Pennsylvania "The Hellraiser" 21
Victoria Van Lauren Brooklyn, New York "The Brooklyn Socialite" 24

Replacement Bad Girls

Name Location "Bad Girl" nickname Age Reolaced
Gina Barrett Miami, Florida "The Miami Maverick" 27 Stacie
Brittany Rosser Manhattan, New Yorky "The Classy Colleague" 21 Tyzhae
Aizhe Collins Trenton, New Jerse "The Sneaky Sapphire" 25 Ebonie

Duration of Cast

Bad Girls Episodes
Episode 1 Episode 2 Episode 3 Episode 4 Episode 5 Episode 6 Episode 7 Episode 8 Episode 9 Episode 10 Episode 11 Episode 12 Season Finale
  •   1  Stacie voluntarily leaves the house in episode 3 after a physical altercation with Kristiana.
  •   2  Gina replaces Stacie in episode 3.
  •   3  Tyzhae is removed from the house in episode 4 after a physical altercation with Kristiana.
  •   4  Brittany replaces Tyzhae in episode 4.
  •   5  Ebonie is removed from the house in episode 8 after getting into physical altercations with Kristiana.
  •   4  Aizhe replaces Ebonie in episode 9.
  • '  5  Gina is removed from the house in episode 11 after a physical altercation with Cynthia and 'Victoria.
  •   6  Aizhe voluntarily leaves the house in episode 12 after a fight with all of the girls as they found out her fake ways.


Fights Winner Episode
Ebonie vs. Kristiana Ebonie Episode 1
Tyzhae vs. LaToya Tyzhae
Stacie vs. Kristiana Stacie
Cynthia and Stacie vs. Kristiana Cynthia and Stacie
Tyzhae vs. LaToya Tyzhae Episode 2
Tyzhae vs. LaToya and Kristiana LaToya and Kristiana Episode 3
Tyzhae and Ebonie vs. LaToya and Kristiana LaToya and Kristiana Episode 3/4
Gina vs. Kristiana (argument) Gina Episode 4
Victoria vs. Brittany (argument) Victoria Episode 5
Kristiana vs. Cynthia Cynthia
Victoria vs. Brittany  Tie
LaToya vs. Ebonie Ebonie Episode 6
Kristiana vs. Ebonie Ebonie Episode 7
Gina vs. Victoria (argument) Victoria Episode 8
Aizhe vs. Gina Gina
Victoria vs. Kristiana Kristiana Episode 10

vs. Cynthia and Victoria

Gina Episode 11
Aizhe vs. Brittany Aizhe Episode 12
Aizhe vs. The House The House


  1. Aizhe vs. Brittany - Part 1
  2. Tyzhae and Ebonie vs. Kristiana - Part 1
  3. Stacie, Ebonie, Tyzhae and Gina vs. Kristiana - Part 2


1. "California Chaos"

Plot: Bad Girls Club goes back to California to stir up drama with seven brand new girls, dealing with drunken drama from Kristiana, who rubs the rest of the girls in the wrong way. 

2. "Bad Bitch Habits"

Plot: After Stacie's unexpected departure from the house, Kristiana becomes the new target. Meanwhile, LaToya dislikes Tyzhae's habits and Ebonie deals with the worst of a one night stand.

3. "Strippers, Tippers, and Hair Rippers"

Plot: A new girl arrives at the Bad Girls Club with good welcoming, while LaToya and Kristiana develop a friendship that pushes them away from the rest of the girls, leaving a feud between the two, Tyzhae and Ebonie.

4. "A Bitch Without a Cause"

Plot: Ebonie plots to get revenge on Kristiana after Tyzhae's departure, although Kristiana seems to spark drama with Gina and a new girl, Brittany. Victoria faces a struggle with saying goodbye to her boyfriend as he prepares to go in the army.

5. "Square Up"

Plot: Victoria is overheard by Brittany herself as she talks bad about her to the other girls, and it results in heated tension. Cynthia gets irate over LaToya and Kristiana's antics, and when it comes to a BGC photoshoot, tension continues to flow.

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7. ""


8. ""


9. ""


10. ""


11. ""


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