Hey everyone so I haven't been able to edit much because my Internet is all whacky, but for now I'm just gonna have to wait. D: So in these updates I'll be letting you all know what we should edit and upcoming events and stuff like that! So here goes nothing...

SPOILERS: There are many spoilers already out for seasons 9 & 10, so I'll put a banner on each page of there is even one spoiler, but still beware because I will probably miss one lol. ;)

EDITING: Ok so we need more people who are willing to help out and edit pages because it's sooo much work for me and OTP to do it ourselves, but especially with all the girls pages! Also some pages need to be added such as episodes, minor people (like Drea's boyfriend), and categories need to be fixed. I will also delete some of the useless pictures and pages. NOTE: If you have a fan-made page please put under the category.

MAIN PAGE: I think I will update this every Monday (as a new bgc comes on) so you will be informed, but there are spoilers! This will be getting a big update and I'll be adding in new stuff (featured bad girl, featured episode, featured quote, etc) and possibly deleting one thing (the worst bad girl is a kinda mean thing lol, but I'll ask Clevan (probably spelled wrong, Ima' put OTP instead lol).

Ok so that is all bye! Edit Reminders: Main Page, Navigation Bar, Achievements, Activity Page Message, Templates, Categories, Other Shows, Seasons, Girls, Episodes and I'll have to upload a few pics aswell.

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