Hello, I'm Trae. I'm the founder and bureaucrat of the Bad Girls Club wiki. So far, pages and the wiki has been really great throughout, however, it seems as if it's too much on me and partner Puffles Rule's hands. So, we would definitely appreciate if any users who are on here could participate in being part of our BGC Team.

What Is The BGC Team?

On the BGC Team, you are able to update any bad girls pages or other pages. As part of the team, you must keep a look out on others who break the rules: people who vandalize, people who spam or use profanity, you must contact either me or Puffles to deal with the issue.

Editing Pages

Editing pages, it doesn't mean changing everything around and all, it's just updating things. I am expecting also to make chart tables for the bad girls' time on the season, and summaries on their time on BGC.

How Can I Apply?

You may apply by ONLY commenting on this blog, you must comment on why you should be on the team, give exact reasons why and make 20 simple edits on the wiki. 20 edits on pages, and you will be able to join the team, and you must stick to your responsibilities as you join.

What Would Happen If I Break The Rules?

So, if you break the rules, by not following by your responsibilities, being disrespectful in an immature manner to other users, bashing other girls, then you would get a warning, if you do it twice more, then you will be kicked off of the team.

What Would Happen If I Follow By The Rules?

If you follow the rules, there would be very decent consequences, you will be able to become an administrator or chat moderator!

Who Are The Team Captains?

  • ClevanOTP (head captain)
  • Puffles Rule (co-captain, head captain if ClevanOTP is away)

Overall, we want to make this wiki a very successful one for all, to keep it very clean and very respectful for users. :)



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