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My motto is: You thought you were the shit, until I walked in the room.

—Tiara's first line in I got the Voodoo for U

Tiara Hodge
The Goofy Gangsta
Tiara Hodge Bad Girls Club 7
Season(s) 7, 8
First seen I Got the Voodoo for U
Last seen Sink or Swim
Appeared in 15 episodes
Biographical Information
Born April 2, 1989 (Gary, IN)
Title(s) T
T Dollar from the G
Hometown Gary, IN
Physical Information
Status Alive
Age 26
Gender Female
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black
Familial Information
Children Kylie (daughter)
Friends Nastasia Townsend
Shelly Hickman
Angelic "Angie" Castillo
Judi Jai
Priscilla Mennella
Enemies Tasha Malek
Cheyenne Evans
Media Information
Twitter @TiaraSoBoojie
 Tiara Hodge (also known as The Goofy Gangsta) is an original bad girl on season 7 of the Bad Girls Club . She was 22 during filiming of BGC7 and her hometown is Gary, Indiana. Tiara won fan favorite for her season.


Season 7Edit


  • Episode 4: Judi vs. Tiara
  • Episode 6: Tasha vs. Tiara
  • Episode 7: Angie vs. Tiara
  • Episode 7: Angie vs. Tiara (round 2)
  • Episode 9: Tasha vs Tiara (round 2)


  • Her favorite Bad Girl is Tanisha Thomas.
  • She was the fan favorite of her season.
  • During her altercations with Cheyenne Evans, her initial plan was to throw her mattress in the lake and set it on fire. The producers, however, told her she would risk being put in jail by doing so, so she had to settle for throwing her mattress in the pool, alongside Judi and Stasi.
  • Received a bachelors degree from Texas Southern University.


  • "My motto is "you thought you were the sh*t until I stepped in the room,""


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