Oh, you taking your socks off. I see that as you wanna fight!
Stephanie Rivera
The Sultry Siren
Season(s) 11
First seen Premature Evacuation
Last seen Season 11: Reunion Part 3
Appeared in 17 episodes
Biographical Information
Born November 23,1991
Title(s) The Sultry Siren
Hometown New Haven, Connecticut
Physical Information
Status Original
Made it to the End
Age 22 (filming)
24 (currently)
Gender Female
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Hazel
Familial Information
Friends Tiana Miller
JazMone Adams
Milyn Jensen
Teresa Bordeaux
Paula Hellens
Enemies Janelle Shanks
Shanae Thomas
GiGi Lopez
Sarah Oliver
Media Information
Twitter @stephanieliz_
Instagram @iamstephanieliz_
Snapchat N/A

Stephanie Rivera (also known as The Sultry Siren) is a original bad girl on Season 11. Stephanie is currently 24 years old and resides in New Haven, Connecticut.


Bullied as a child for being overweight and Hispanic, Stephanie has worked her way to the top and doesn't let anybody put her down. Half Colombian and Puerto Rican, Stephanie is a Latina who lives life unintelligibly. She is the kind of girl who is not afraid to say what she thinks and is not afraid to call people out for wearing clothes that are to tight even.


Bad Girls


Episode 1

Episode 2-8 Episode 9-13 Episode 14
Stephanie Stephanie Stephanie Stephanie Stephanie
  1. Stephanie made it to the end of the show.
  • Fights

    Image Opponents Episode
    Teresasteph Teresa Juice-tify My Love
    Stephshanae Shanae Cowgirl. Crapshoot
    Jazhailey Hailey Paradise Lost


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