Southern Discomfort
Bad Girls Club: Atlanta
Season 11, Episode 1
388264520 640
Air date January 15, 2013
Episode Guide
BGC: Making it to the Mansion: ATL
Houston Ho Down

Southern Discomfort is the premiere episode of Season 10 of Bad Girls Club. It premiered on Oxygen on January 15, 2013 with 1.62 U.S. viewers in millions.


This season of Bad Girls Club is the first season to be in Atlanta. Paula enters the house first. Then, Nikki, Stephanie, Alicia, Valentina, Janae, and Shannon. The girls go out to the club in ATL for the first night. Janae is getting drunk and everywhere. Paula is being nice and tried to help Janae put her hair up, but Janae pushed Paula. Paula and Janae had a arguement. Paula wanted to address Janae when she is sober. Janae walked up in Paula's face and Nikki wasn't going to let Janae get in Paula's face like that. Janae gets in Nikki's face. So, Nikki pushes her off of her.

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