Shannon and Raquel vs. Valentina
Season 10: Atlanta
Between Shannon Sarich, Rocky Santiago and Valentina Anyanwu
Number of Fights 1
Shannon and Raquel vs. Valentina is the physical altercation in the tenth season's first part of the reunion in Bad Girls Club. It starts seconds after the girls enter the reunion.


After Tanisha calls out the girls who made it to the end, Shannon runs towards Valentina and physically attacks her before the reunion even starts. When Shannon continues to punch her, security gets involved and Valentina attempts to run after her until she falls to the floor. Shannon is sent to the back, while Valentina approaches Rocky, claiming that she didn't have a problem with Rocky, but with Shannon. The two fight each other, until Valentina is held on by the security.


BGC10 Reunion Shannon Rocky VS Valentina FULL FIGHT)04:30

BGC10 Reunion Shannon Rocky VS Valentina FULL FIGHT)

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