Shanae vs. Stephanie and Gigi is the physical altercation between Shanae ThomasStephanie Rivera, and GiGi Lopez in the eleventh season of Bad Girls Club.


Based on drama in the limo, where Shanae and Stephanie get into an argument, Stephanie immediately wants to fight her. As they get into the house, Tiana and Gigi are anxious to try to jump in to fight Shanae with her, but Stephanie is serious to fight Shanae, who seems calm, but as she takes her socks up, Stephanie directly believes that she wants to fight, Stephanie pushes her, and Shanae pushes her back then stands up . Stephanie swings on Shanae, only to be hit back harder. The two both begin to fight and Gigi comes to jump in to fight her, while Andrea and Tiana try to hold the girls back. Winner: Shanae by default since she was jumped.


Bad Girls Club Season 11 Episode 12 Part 1-104:59

Bad Girls Club Season 11 Episode 12 Part 1-1


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