This is the sixth season of Bad Girls Club, which aired on January 10th on Oxygen and ended on May 9th, 2011. With a fresh batch of seven new girls returning back to L.A., since the last season was shot in Miami.


  • ===Charmaine "Char" Warren: The C.E.B. (Chief Executive B*tch)===
  • ===Nikki Galladay: The Prankster===
  • ===Lauren Spears: The Southern Spitfire===
  • ===Jessica Rodriguez: The Mouth===
  • ===Kori Koether: The Botox Barbie===
  • ===Sydney Steinfeldt: The Sexy Siren===
  • ===Jade Bennett: The Party Diva===

Replacement Girls:Edit

  • ===Ashley King, replacing Jade: The Bombshell===
  • ===Jennifer Buonagurio, replacing Sydney: The Jersey Princess===
  • ===Wilmarie "Wilma" Sena, replacing Ashley: The Rough Rider===

Fights and Confrontations in OrderEdit

  • Nikki and Jessica vs. Jade, episode 1
  • Jessica vs. Lauren, episode 1
  • Jade vs. Nikki, episode 1
  • Lauren vs. Nikki, episode 2
  • Kori vs. Nikki, episode 2
  • Char and Sydney vs. Nikki, episode 2
  • Char vs. Nikki, episode 3
  • Lauren, Kori, Nikki and Char vs. Ashley, episode 3
  • Char vs. Sydney, episode 4
  • Char vs. Lauren, episodes 5 and 6
  • Kori vs. Ashley, episode 7
  • Jennifer vs. Wilmarie, episode 8
  • Nikki, Wilmarie and Lauren vs. Jennifer, episode 9
  • Nikki vs. Wimarie, episodes 10, 11 and 12.
  • Char vs. Sydney, episode 14
  • Char vs. Everyone, episode 14
  • Kori vs. Jade, episode 15
  • In episode 1, Jade leaves the house because of Nikki's antics.
  • In episode 3, Ashley replaces Jade.
  • In episode 4: Sydney leaves due to stress and having problems with Char
  • In episode 6, Jennifer replaces Sydney.
  • In episode 8, Ashley was removed from the house due to a fight with Kori.
  • In episode 9, Jennifer leaves the house after being constantly bullied by Nikki and Wilmarie.
  • In episode 12, Wilmarie was removed from the house due to physically attacking Nikki.

Meaning that in the season finale, Char, Jessica, Kori, Nikki and Lauren were the girls remaining.

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