Season 16: Social Disruption
Season 16, Episodes 12
Season Premiere September 20, 2016
Season Finale November 29, 2016
Season Guide
Season 15: Twisted Sisters
Season 17: East Meets West

Bad Girls Club: Social Disruption is the sixteenth upcoming season of the Oxygen reality television series of The Bad Girls Club. This will be the ninth edition of the Bad Girls Club to film in Los Angeles. This season will feature a complete cast of social media stars.


Original Bad Girls

Bad Girl Age Hometown Social Media Persona
Ad'ryan "Ryan" Jones 23 Philadelphia, PA @ridiculouslyryan
Brynesha "Talone" Seegers 22 Washington, D.C. @talonemusic
Elliadria "Persuasian" Griffin 25 Dallas, TX @iampersuasian
Kaila "Winter" Wilkey 22 Los Angeles, CA @wiintrr
Kailie Lima 21 Allenstown, NH @kailiebijou
Tabatha "Dreamdoll" Robinson 23 Bronx, NY @dreamdoll__
Zee Carrino 24 San Jose, CA @lady.westcoast

Replacement Bad Girls

Bad Girl Age Hometown Social Media Persona Replaced
Stephanie Tejada 28 Orlando, FL @stephanietejadaa Tabatha
Kandyce "Kandy" Hogan 24 Chicago, IL @kruel_kandyy Elliadria
Kabrina Nashayé 23 Chicago, IL @bossy_brina Kailie
Tiara Nicole 26 Memphis, Tennessee @mytiaranicole Kaila

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