Season 10: Atlanta
Season 10, Episodes 155-172
Season Premiere January 15, 2013
Season Finale May 21, 2013
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Bad Girls Club: Atlanta is the tenth season of Oxygen's reality series, Bad Girls Club. It premiered on January 15, 2013. For this season, the show returned back to the United States. Last season of Bad Girls Club, the show took place in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. This will be the fifth season taking place from Los Angeles. The first season was season 5, Miami. Second season, season 7, New Orleans. Third, season 8 in Las Vegas. Fourth, again season 9 in Mexico. Fifth being this season.

This season has a new time slot, it will be airing on Tuesdays at 8/7c now.

Original Bad Girls

Bad Girl   Age   Hometown   "Bad Girl" nickname  
Alicia Samaan 24 Chicago, Illinois "Ms. Chi-Fly"
Janae "Jay" Bradford 23 Houston, Texas "The Houston Hellraiser"
Nicole "Nikki" Vargas 22 Fort Lee, New Jersey "The Jersey Joker"
Paula Hellens 26 Chicago, Illinois "Hell On Heels"
Shannon Sarich 26 Portland, Oregon "Buff Barbie
Stephanie George 21 Harlem, New York "The Harlem Heartbreaker"
Valentina Anyanwu 22 Hyattsville, Maryland "The Sexy Socialite"

Replacement Bad Girls

Bad Girl Age Hometown "Bad Girl" nickname Replaced
Jenniffer "Jenn" Hardwick 23 San Bernardino, CA "The Fun-Loving Firecracker" Janae
Raquel "Rocky" Santiago 21 Pine Grove, CA "The Cali Contender" Nicole

Nancy Denise

22 Memphis, TN "The Tennessee Toughy" Jenniffer

Duration of Cast

Bad Girls Episodes
Episode 1 Episode 2 Episode 3 Episode 4 Episode 5 Episode 6 Episode 7 Episode 8 Episode 9 Episode 10 Episode 11 Episode 12 Episode 13 Episode 14
Paula Paula Paula Paula Paula Paula Paula Paula Paula Paula Paula Paula Paula Paula Paula
Shannon Shannon Shannon Shannon Shannon Shannon Shannon Shannon Shannon Shannon Shannon Shannon Shannon Shannon Shannon
Stephanie Stephanie Stephanie Stephanie Stephanie Stephanie Stephanie Stephanie Stephanie Stephanie Stephanie Stephanie Stephanie Stephanie Stephanie
Valentina Valentina Valentina Valentina Valentina Valentina Valentina Valentina Valentina Valentina Valentina Valentina Valentina Valentina Valentina
Raquel Raquel Raquel Raquel Raquel Raquel Raquel Raquel Raquel Raquel Raquel
Nancy Nancy Nancy Nancy Nancy Nancy Nancy
Alicia Alicia Alicia Alicia Alicia Alicia Alicia Alicia Alicia Alicia Alicia Alicia Alicia Alicia Alicia
Jenniffer Jenniffer Jenniffer Jenniffer Jenniffer Jenniffer
Nicole Nicole Nicole Nicole Nicole
Janae Janae Janae Janae


Key:      = "Bad" Girl is featured on this episode.
Key:      = "Bad" Girl voluntarily leaves the house.
Key:      = "Bad" Girl replacement arrives.
Key:      = "Bad" Girl is removed from the house.
  •   1  Janae voluntarily left the house in episode 3 after a physical altercation with Alicia and Valentina.
  •   2  Jenniffer replaced Janae in episode 4.
  •   3  Nicole voluntarily left the house in episode 4 after multiple physical altercations with Valentina.
  •   4  Raquel replaced Nicole in episode 5.
  •   5  Jenniffer was removed from the house in episode 8 following several physical altercations with Raquel.
  •   6  Nancy replaced Jenniffer in episode 9.
  •   7  Alicia was removed from the house in the season finale after a physical altercation with Raquel.


No. Title Original air date U.S. viewers


0 "Making it to the Mansion, ATL" January 8, 2013 0.59[13]
A special on the cast of Season 10. With season 4 Bad Girl Natalie and Season 8 Bad Girl Camilla.
1 "Southern Discomfort"[14] January 15, 2013 1.62[15]
A new set of Bad Girls arrive in the Atlanta to shake things up. A night out at the club turns bad when Janae starts to argue with Paula which leads Valentina getting into a fight with Janae.
2 "Houston Ho Down"[14] January 22, 2013 1.35[16]
Janae gets under everyone's skin when she fails to let go of her insecurities. Also, a prank pulled by Shannon backfires.
3 "Molly-Whopped"[14] January 29, 2013 1.13[17]

After watching the house bully Janae repeatedly, Nicky feels like she could be the new target. Meanwhile, Stephanie finds out her new ATL boo has been keeping a secret from her. Note(s):     Janae voluntarily leaves the house.

4 "The Girl Who Cried Mommy"[14] February 5, 2013 1.15[18]

Nicky struggles with the choices of going home or staying. Meanwhile, Shannon is confused about her feelings for a past flame after his visit leaves her uneasy. Note(s):     Jenniffer replaces Janae.      Nicole voluntarily leaves the house.

5 "There's Something About Jerry..."[14] February 12, 2013 1.18[19]

New girl Rocky creates problems for herself after being an instigator, while Shannon's weird house guest leaves explosive disagreements among the girls. Note(s):     Raquel replaces Nicole.

6 "Anger Mismangement"[14] February 19, 2013 1.31[20]
Rocky and Shannon's clique strengthens after observing the other girls' flip-flopping ways. Meanwhile, Jenn's boyfriend comes for a visit and tries to tone down her fierce attitude.
7 "Bottled Up and Beat Down"[14] February 26, 2013 1.41[21]
Savannah is the place to go after the house becomes too stressful for the ladies. Elsewhere, Jenn's spicy attitude heats up after frustration starts to build.
8 "Gone with the Weave"[14] March 5, 2013 1.22[22]

Celebrity hairstylist, Derek J preps the girls for a fierce photo shoot. Stephanie and Rocky model in a photo shoot. Meanwhile, Shannon won't back down after being further condemned by Paula. Note(s):     Jenniffer is removed from the house.

9 "Between A Rocky and A Hard Place"[14] March 12, 2013 1.08[23]

After Rocky gets targeted by Alicia and Valentina, Shannon fails to come to the rescue. Rocky then begins to question her friendship with Shannon. Meanwhile, Paula attempts to make things right with Shannon Note(s):     Nancy replaces Jenniffer.

10 "Don't Cry For Me, Valentina!"[14] March 19, 2013 1.12[24]
A shocking truce takes place between Valentina and "ShanRock," which unsettles the whole house. Meanwhile, Alicia's best friend comes to visit and decides to get comfortable with new girl Nancy.
11 "Who's Laughing Now"[14] March 26, 2013 1.21[25]
Reconciliation is in the air for Alicia and Valentina as they realize that Rocky should be the focus of their rage. Nancy's temper worsens from all of the backstabbing in the house. A phone call between Rocky and her friend leads to an epic showdown.
12 "Rocky Like a Hurricane"[14] April 9, 2013 1.31[26]
After Alicia jumps into Rocky and Nancy's fiery fight, Rocky then targets Alicia to show her the true meaning of a Bad Girl jumping.
13 "Greece Up, Get Down"[14] April 16, 2013 1.16[27]
The first annual Bad Girls Games takes place in Greece. Meanwhile, revenge is on Alicia's mind as she targets Rocky.
14 "Home Is Where the Hurt Is"[14] April 23, 2013 1.41[28]

Alicia's plan comes to fruition as she ties up some loose ends resulting in an all-out explosive battle. Note(s):     Alicia is removed from the house.

15 "Season 10 Reunion — Part 1"[14] May 7, 2013 1.38[29]
The ladies of Atlanta meet up in Los Angeles for one final blowout as Shannon seeks her revenge.
16 "Season 10 Reunion — Part 2"[14] May 14, 2013 1.50[30]
Shannon goes toe-to-toe with the other ladies in an all-out fist fight. Meanwhile, Nancy and Stephanie's sexy hook-up becomes the main topic of discussion.
17 "Season 10 Reunion — Part 3"[14] May 21, 2013 1.99[31]
Alicia is confronted by the other "Bad" Girls about her shocking exit. Elsewhere, a raging Nicky blows off steam by confronting an unexpected target, leading to a shocking showdown.

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