Sarah vs. Tiana
Season 11: Miami
Between Sarah Oliver and Tiana Small
Sarah vs. Tiana is the physical altercation between Sarah Oliver and Tiana Miller in the eleventh season of Bad Girls Club. It is the first physical fight of the season.


Most of the girls, including Tiana, seemed to be rubbed the wrong way by Sarah's behavior, or as of what she says and does. When Sarah doesn't help pay for Jazmone at a club, Tiana confronts her as they get to the house, but Milyn continues to instigate the fight. Tiana calls her out on how she acts towards the girls and calls her fake, saying that she wants to be nice just so she doesn't have to get attacked. First time, Tiana pushes Sarah, with Milyn, uncontrollably laughing, holding her back. Tiana continues to provoke her, but Sarah and Tiana go face to face in the house and they start to wrestle each other on the floor physically. But Milyn pulls them back afterwards. In the end of this, Sarah hugs Tiana, and starts crying as she talks it out with Tiana after the fight.


BGC 11 Tiana vs Sarah04:17

BGC 11 Tiana vs Sarah


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