Sarah vs. Raquel
Season 13: Redemption
Between Sarah Oliver and Rocky Santiago
Number of Fights 4
Sarah vs. Raquel is the physical altercations between Sarah Oliver and Rocky Santiago on the thirteenth season of Bad Girls Club. The two fight in the house and also at the reunion. 


Season 13Edit

Sarah loses her breaking point with Rocky and Jada. In the kitchen, Judi antagonizes Rocky after she and Jada throws water at Judi and Sarah. After Judi calls Rocky a "goofy ass bitch," Sarah throws water at Rocky, who confronts her and pushes her, while Jada interferes by punching Sarah in the face. The fight continues when Sarah goes to the beauty room to destroy Jada, Rocky, and Julie's items, and Rocky grabs her by the hair, leaving Sarah to fall to the ground. Rocky goes to Sarah's room to rip up her model calendars, and Sarah retaliates by attempting to attack her on her bed. The two continue to hassle until Rocky rips out some of Sarah's hair.

Season 13 ReunionEdit

At the reunion, Sarah and Rocky continue to argue with each other; when Sarah randomly comments on issues, like calling Camilla her friend, Rocky sarcastically applauds her, and Sarah angrily reacts, asking why she's clapping. Rocky tells her to shut up, and the two get into an altercation. Sarah also attempts to pick up the glass table on the stage to throw at her. As a result, she is permanently removed from the reunion special.


According to Sarah, Rocky attended Natalie's baby shower and the two soon reconciled without apologizing for their altercations on the show. The two were originally friends before Redemption.


Bgc Sarah Vs Rocky and Jada-104:53

Bgc Sarah Vs Rocky and Jada-1

BGC13 Reunion - Sarah Vs00:24

BGC13 Reunion - Sarah Vs. Rocky (Full Fight)

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