Sarah vs. Milyn
Season 11: Miami
Between Sarah Oliver and Milyn Jensen
Sarah vs. Milyn is the physical altercation between Sarah Oliver and Milyn Jensen in the eleventh season of Bad Girls Club. The fight had taken place in Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow, and resulted in both Milyn and Sarah to be removed from the house.


While Sarah and Milyn both have had distaste for each other, Milyn wanted Sarah immediately out of the house along with the rest of the girls. Things had finally began to escalate as Milyn continued to instigate a fight between Sarah, Jazmone and Tiana. She had afterwards jumped in the fight, and pulled her hair out. Later, when Sarah is sent to a hotel, she returns and realizes her hair is coming out after Milyn pulled some of it. Sarah confronts Milyn face to face, and Milyn tells her to fight her. As soon as Sarah wraps her hair up, Sarah continuously punches her, while Milyn punches her, pulls her hair, and scratches her eye. The girls all continue to tease Sarah when they think that she got beat up, and Sarah has to go to the hospital to get her eye checked out, to which doctors believed a cat scratched her. Producers go to Milyn and look down at her actions, telling her that she has to leave the house. Afterwards, Sarah is also sent home, being deemed too violent. Winner: Tie


BGC 11 Sarah vs Milyn Full Fight01:53

BGC 11 Sarah vs Milyn Full Fight


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