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Rocky Santiago
The Cali Contender
Raquel 2B
Season(s) 10, 1 ,2 & 13
First seen There's Something About Jerry...
Last seen BGC13 Reunion part3
Appeared in 41 episodes
Biographical Information
Born November 1th, 1991
Title(s) Rocky Balboa
The Cali Contender
Hometown Pine Grove, California
Physical Information
Status Alive
Age 24
Gender Female
Hair Color Naturally brunette/
(dyed blonde in Bad Girls Club)/(dyed brown in All-Stars Battle 2)
Eye Color Brown
Familial Information
Lover Zuly (ex-girlfriend)
Melanie (girlfriend)
Parents Ivonne (mother)
Friends Shannon Sarich
Nancy Denise
Valentina Anyanwu
Mehgan James
Tiana Small
Stephanie George
Shelly Hickman
Amy Cieslowski
Julie Ofcharsky
Rima Mellal
Jada Cacchilli
Alyssa "Redd" Carswell
Tanisha Thomas
Enemies Flo Kaja
Elease Donovan
Zuly Ramos
Natalie Nunn
Sarah Oliver
Nastasia Townsend
Judi Jai
Janelle Shanks
Camilla Poindexter
Dani Victor
Jenn Hardwick
Gabi Victor
Nikki Vargas
Alexandria Rice
Media Information
It's Barbie b*tch, but I fight like Rocky Balboa!
- Rocky

Raquel "Rocky" Santiago (also known as The Cali Contender) is a bad girl replacement on season 10 of the Bad Girls Club. Rocky replaced Nikki in episode 5. After BGC10, Rocky appeared on season 1 of Bad Girls All-Star Battle. Rocky, along with Shannon, left the house in episode 1 of All-Star Battle after the drama and due to Rocky's dad passing away. Rocky appeared on episode 6 of season 11 of the Bad Girls Club with her girlfriend, Zuly from season 9. Rocky appears on season 2 of All-Star Battle. Rocky is also part of ShanRock with her and her friend Shannon from season 10.

Rocky is from San Diego, CA.


This Cali Contender believes being a "Bad Girl" isn't about looks or money. She has a strong mindset and doesn't mess around. Rocky and her season 10 friend, Shannon, formed a close friendship during their time on the show, which they nicknamed "ShanRock". Rocky is very confident, cocky, and loves to make people laugh. Rocky's confidence has helped her in fights. This shown when she is fighting Valentina and was still able to mush Alicia into a wall. When her father passes she cut off her hair and became the person that he wanted her to be.


Season 10

Bad Girls Episodes
Episode 5 Episode 6-13 Episode 14
Rocky Rocky Rocky Rocky

Bad Girls All-Star Battle (season 1)Edit

Bad Girls Episodes
Episode 1
Rocky Rocky
  • Rocky quit the competition in episode 1 after a argument with Flo and her father passing away.

Season 11 (apperance)Edit

  • Rocky and Zuly visited the BGC11 house and immediately felt close to Janelle. They both comforted her, since the whole house was completely against her. Rocky told Janelle not to let them see her down, considering she went through almost the same thing on her season.

Bad Girls All-Star Battle (season 2)Edit

  • Rocky was eliminated in episode 10, the Season Finale.


Opponents Episode
Rockyvsjen Jenniffer There's Something About Jerry...
Jennvsrocky Jenniffer There's Something About Jerry...
Theressomethingaboutjerry Jenniffer There's Something About Jerry...
Jennrockylimo Jenniffer Bottled Up and Beat Down
Rockyvsjenn4 Jenniffer & Valentina Gone With the Weave
Rockyvshouse Alicia & Valentina Rocky Like a Hurricane
Rockyvsalicia2 Alicia Rocky Like a Hurricane
Rockyvsalicia Alicia Home Is Where the Hurt Is
Rockyvsval Valentina BGC10: Reunion Part 1
Mqdefault-0 Natalie Birthday Blowout
Sarah Rocky-ing The Boat


Sarah Reunion Part Two
Sarah table Sarah Reunion Part Three


  • Rocky was the second replacement on season 10.
  • She was the first bad girl to date another bad girl from a past season.
  • Rocky replaced Nikki.
  • Rocky was known for fighting with Jenniffer.
    • She is also known for winning several competitions.
  • She has naturally brunette hair before joining Bad Girls Club then dyed it blonde, but cut it and dyed it brown sometime before All Star Battle 2.
  • Rocky is Puerto Rican, Portuguese, Italian, Brazillian, Hawaiian, & Japanese descent.
  • Rocky claimed to be straight until she dated a woman named Rice on Season 10 and has since said she is gay, and then on Season 13 Redemption she said her sexuality was "dating girls" and she was not explicit about her sexual orientation.
  • She has hooked up with guys for fun but she is gay but not fully gay, she dates women for serious relationships and is attracted to women for serious relationships but doesn't do real relationships with men and does not want to marry a men, But she flirts with men and women.

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