Raquel vs. Nancy, Valentina and Alicia
Season 10: Atlanta
Between Rocky Santiago, Nancy Denise, Valentina Anyanwu and Alicia Saaman
Number of Fights 1
Raquel vs. Nancy, Valentina, and Alicia is the physical altercation between Rocky SantiagoNancy DeniseValentina Anyanwu, and Alicia Saaman in the tenth season of Bad Girls Club.


After a confusing and mysterious day, Valentina and Alicia tell Nancy about how Rocky had been laughing at her behind her back. Nancy is furious at how Rocky and Shannon, the first girls in the house to treat her with kindness, were "being fake" the entire time. Meanwhile, Valentina and Alicia, who heard one of the bartenders mentioning antics that had been going on in the house, were also confused and decided to confront Rocky as well. All three girls tie up their hair, remove their earings, and cover themselved with patrolium jelly, preparing themselves for any physical altercation to take place.

As Rocky and Shannon arive, they are instantly stopped by an angry Nancy, who ask them immedietly if they have been laughing at her. Rocky states that they have not, and Nancy gets much louder, stomping her feet and flailing her arms as she screems at both girls. It is made clear to both Rocky and Shannon that Valentina and Alicia had manipulated Nancy into thinking that both girls were against her. Rocky attempts to clear the situation up. She reveals that Valentina left out vital information, but before she can finish, Valentina hits her, grabs her head, and puts her in a headlock. The two propel across the room as Rocky attempts to get Valentina off of her. Shannon attempts to break it up, and Nancy instantly pulls her away and throws her.

Despite Nancy's previous anger, she makes several attempts to stop Alicia from jumping into the fight. Nancy hits Shannon and forces Alicia against a wall in an attempt to stop her. Security arrives and pulls everyone apart. Nancy makes another attempt to fight Rocky, but is stopped by security. She yells that "she can fight her own battles", retaliating at how Valentina faught instead of her and how Alicia jumped into the fight.


BGC Atlanta Raquel vs Nancy, Valentina, and Alicia02:38

BGC Atlanta Raquel vs Nancy, Valentina, and Alicia


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