Raquel vs. Alicia
Season 10: Atlanta
Between Rocky Santiago and Alicia Saaman
Number of Fights 2
Raquel vs. Alicia are the physical altercations between Rocky Santiago and Alicia Saaman in the tenth season of Bad Girls Club. The second fight in the season finale had resulted in Alicia being removed from the house. 


Round 1Edit

While Nancy and Valentina were at the hotel from the fight the night before, Rocky and Shannon decided that they weren't going to be getting jumped anymore. So they proceed to throw things at Alicia in her sleep. When she wakes up, Rocky pulls her by her hair out of the chair and begins punching her. Shannon adds a kick to Alicia in the back.

Round 2Edit

Still mad about their first fight, Alicia decides that she wants revenge. When the girls get back from the club celebrating their final night in the house, Alicia sneak attacks Rocky and punches her in the face. Rocky kicks Alicia over her head, flips her over, and begins to punch Alicia. Security pulls them apart and Alicia is removed from the house for the excessive amount of violence. Winner: Rocky


BGC 10 - Rocky vs Alicia FULL FIGHT00:45

BGC 10 - Rocky vs Alicia FULL FIGHT


BGC10 Alicia vs rocky Round 202:59

BGC10 Alicia vs rocky Round 2

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