Pushed to the Edge
Bad Girls All-Star Battle
Season 2, Episode 1
Pushed to the Edge
Air date January 7, 2014
Episode Guide
BGASB1: Reunion Part 2
Bad Girl Breakout
 Pushed to the Edge is the first episode of the second season of Bad Girls All-Star Battle. It aired on January 7, 2014. Danni was eliminated in this episode.


  1. Rocky Santiago                                                     
  2. Camilla Poindexter 
  3. Sarah Oliver
  4. Amy Cieslowski
  5. Danni Victor
  6. Tiana Miller
  7. Elease Donovan
  8. Paula Hellens
  9. Mehgan James
  10. Alicia Saaman
  11. Valentina Anywanwu
  12. Stephanie George
  13. Shelly Hickman
  14. Janelle Shanks
  15. Andrea Bowman
  16. Nancy Denise

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