Public Enemy Number Two
Bad Girls Club: Miami II
Season 11, Episode 8
Air date October 8, 2013
Episode Guide
The Bullyguard
Weaving With a Bang


Shanae becomes public enemy number two after she kept complaining and talking stuff behind the girls back. One thing that made her become enemy two is that she was phone thuggin. Another reason was that she went to bed, leaving her castmates with her company. Andrea quickly apologizes after Janelle leaves the club. Everyone decided to put all the drama with Andrea behind them. Shanae felt uncomfortable about how the other girls change to liking Andrea. Andrea is starting to bond with the other girls while, Shanae felt left out. JazMone starts to slip away from Shanae quickly. JazMone gets a call from a lady who would like to have Jaz do a little fashion show at the club. Jaz agrees and did it. 

Public Enemy Number Two CastEdit

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