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Paula Hellens
Hell on Heels
Season(s) 10, 1 & 2
First seen Southern Discomfort
Last seen BGASB2: Reunion Part 2
Appeared in 25 episodes
Biographical Information
Born December 14, 1986
Title(s) Hell on Heels
Hometown Chicago, Illinois
Physical Information
Status Alive
Age 29
Gender Female
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Familial Information
Friends Jenn Hardwick
Alicia Saaman
Nancy Denise
Nikki Vargas
Mehgan James
Erika Jordan
Nastasia Townsend
Stephanie Rivera
Flo Kaja
Judi Jai
Danni Victor
Enemies Shannon Sarich
Valentina Anyanwu
Stephanie George
Media Information
Twitter @TheHeLLonHeeLs
Instagram @TheHeLLonHeeLs
Watch what you say to me, b*tch!
- Paula

Paula Hellens (also known as Hell On Heels) was a bad girl on season 10 of the Bad Girls Club. She also appearend on season 1 of Bad Girls All-Star Battle, but after playing the decoy too many times, she was voted out. Paula also appeared on season 2 of Bad Girls All-Star Battle. She was eliminated from the competition in episode 2.


Paula is a gutsy Southern city girl with a spitball mouth and feisty attitude. This petite bombshell attended Jackson State University where she not only became the first in her family to earn a college degree, but also developed a mean hair fetish. Paula currently works as a hairstylist and won’t hesitate to tell a random stranger their “Do” is whack. She admits she can’t control her words and is quick to take it to the next level. This hothead, hand clapping, neck rolling, party girl is ready for her next adventure.

This hotheaded, opinionated Bad Girl from Season 10 may only be 5-feet tall, but she’s packed with a punch. Paula has a degree in political science so she is often the voice of reason in the house, especially when her feisty attitude isn’t in charge.Ready to go the distance, Paula is fighting for the 100K so she can pay off her student loans and give back to her mom.


Season 10

Bad Girls

Episode 1-4 Episode 5-9 Episode 10-12 Episode 13 Episode 14
Paula Paula Paula Paula Paula Paula
  • Paula made it to the end of the show.

Bad Girls All-Star Battle (season 1)

Bad Girls

Episode 1 Episode 2 Episode 3 Episode 4 Episode 5
Paula Paula Paula Paula Paula Paula

Bad Girls All-Star Battle (season 2)

As a veteran of the Bad Girls All-Star Battle, Paula had joined the Red Team, but during this time, the Red Team had began to see that Paula began to form alliances with Mehgan and the Gold Team, and her inactivity concerned the rest of the members. During the second challenge, the red team lost, and Paula was put up for elimination, alongside Andrea, who had quit, and Elease took her place. A majority of the members chose Elease to stay over Paula, and this angered her. Paula felt very hurt by the fact that she believed she was put up as a decoy, confronting Rocky and Sarah for putting her up.

Bad Girls

Episode 1 Episode 2
Paula Paula Paula


Opponents Episode


Gone With the Weave


  • "Let's get this shit crackin' in the motherf*kin A!"  


  • She is often recognized as one of the realest girls in BGC history.


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