Nicole vs. Valentina is the physical altercations between Nicole Vargas and Valentina Anyanwu in the tenth season of Bad Girls Club.

First roundEdit

Valentina is yelling at Nikki in the kitchen. Valentina pushes Nikki, Nikki then spins Valentina around. Valentina grabs Nikki and spins her around also. Valentina pushes Nikki's head down, Nikki then grabs Valentina's hair and starts to punch her. The fight is broken up. Winner: Nikki          

Second roundEdit

Yelling and arguing, Valentina tells Nikki that she is going to fight her, so Nikki tells her to do so. So Valentina walks down the stairs and is immediately punched by Nikki. Valentina grabs Nikki and crawls on top of her. Nikki kicks Valentina down and the two pull each others hair and the fight is broken up. Winner: Nikki                                                      


BGC10 Nikki vs Valentina (Full Fight)01:22

BGC10 Nikki vs Valentina (Full Fight)

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