Natalie vs. Amber and Kendra is the physical altercation between Natalie NunnKendra James, and Amber McWha in Season 4 of Bad Girls Club. Natalie is removed from the house after this fight.


When Natalie gets a ticket for disorderly conduct during their road trip, Natalie's complaining behavior irritates Kendra, and the fight augments between the two. That is until Amber and Lexie attempt to stop the fight, but Natalie hits Amber, leading to a fight with them. As Kendra, Amber, and Lexie return home, Natalie gets a car drive back home but her stuff is removed from the house by the girls. Winner Natalie


BadGirls Natalie fights Amber and Kendra01:41

BadGirls Natalie fights Amber and Kendra

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