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Reporting live! B*tches be like I'm rich, but I got holes in my bag!
- Stasi
Nastasia Townsend
The Powerhouse
Season(s) 7 & 8 1
First seen I Got the Voodoo for U
Last seen A New Elease On Life
Appeared in 18 episodes(see below)
Biographical Information
Born December 18, 1987
Title(s) Stasi
The Powerhouse
Stasi Quinn
Hometown Sacramento, CA
Physical Information
Status Alive
Age 28
Gender Female
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Familial Information
Friends Judi Jai
Tiara Hodge
Dani Victor
Gabi Victor
Julie Ofcharsky
Flo Kaja
Elease Donovan
Paula Hellens
Enemies Priscilla Mennella
Tasha Malek
Shelly Hickman
Cheyenne Evans
Natalie Nunn
Erika Jordan
Raquel "Rocky" Santiago
Tanisha Thomas
Media Information
Twitter @StasiQuinn

Nastasia "Stasi" Townsend (also known as The Powerhouse and Stasi Quinn) was an original bad girl on season 7 of the Bad Girls Club, she was removed from the house in the season finale after physically attacking Shelly. She also appeared on Bad Girls All-Star Battle, but was voted out of the house. She was 23 during filming and she resides in Sacramento, CA. 


Nastasia believes being a bad girl is 24-7 and lives this mantra to the fullest. Once a shy little girl, Nastasia quickly developed a big personality and a piercing way with words causing "shy" to no longer be a word in her vocabulary. Now living in Huntington Beach, CA, Nastasia is always on the prowl for guys - the taller the better - and dreams of one day owning her own strip club.

After running the house in New Orleans, Stasi proved she was no longer the shy girl. Stasi has no problem checking girls when needed and plans to rule the Battle with an iron fist but only if needed. She hopes to win the cash and set up a foundation for “Bad Girls” alumni to share their backstories and inspire victims of abuse and bullying to stand strong and to not result to violence.


Season 7Edit

Nastasia is introduced in the debut episode of season 7 where she departs from an airport and she meets fellow roommate, Priscilla. They start to bond with each other in the Bad Girls Club limo, and agree that they don't want any drama in the house. Nastasia and Priscilla both meet and greet Tiara and they are all excited to enter the house together. When Nastasia meets all of the girls, she doesn't seem very fond of Judi and her immature behavior while going out to a club, and is one of the girls to be embarrassed of her actions. Meanwhile, Nastasia feels that she and Tasha are alike and she's a cool, down-to-earth person. Later on, she and the rest of the girls (excluding Angie) are against Judi, while Nastasia tries to hold Shelly back when she attempts to fight her. 

Nastasia is still against Judi's immature behavior in the house. However, when the girls all try to kick Judi out of the house, saying that she doesn't belong and they are a family, they try to pack Judi's things and leave them outside, leaving Judi locked outside of the house, Nastasia has a change of heart and tries to talk to her face to face telling her that she needs to change and lets her come back inside of the house. Nastasia starts to form a friendship with Judi as well as Tiara, but realizes that Shelly continues to pick on Judi for small things, and confronts her, tells her to leave Judi alone.

Nastasia is part of the divide in the house, as she has a clique with Judi, Tiara and Angie, while the other girls are in a clique of their own. Meanwhile, Nastasia is annoyed by Shelly, Tasha and Priscilla when they all decide to have lunch on their own without the other girls. Nastasia, Tiara, Judi and Angie all go out to a club and Nastasia gets a guy's number along with Judi. When they all go home, they discover notes in the beauty room, and they get into an argument with Tasha and Priscilla when Priscilla puts her clothes in the washer, and doesn't put it in the dryer, leaving it wet.

There is tension between Nastasia and Shelly in the house, and it escalates when the girls head to dinner together, and when Nastasia makes a comment about her parents being white and talking about the type of chicken, Shelly calls her out and says that it's offensive. Nastasia gets into an argument with her, trying to say that she's trying her. Nastasia says she doesn't like her "punk ass" and when Shelly calls her a bitch, she warns her. When Shelly calls her a bitch again, it leads to Nastasia throwing a drink in her face. 

Nastasia is present when Judi and Shelly get into a physical altercation and Judi reaches her breaking point and leaves for the hotel. 

Nastasia starts to believe that Angie is trying to play on both sides of the clique when she continues to hang out with Shelly, Tasha and Priscilla. When Shelly and Angie get into an argument, Nastasia doesn't exactly do anything to help, and this disappoints Angie. Nastasia confronts Angie later on about how she's playing for the other team, and there becomes even more tension between the two when a fight escalates in the limo after Shelly throws a drink at Judi, when she throws a drink back, it lands on Angie, who starts to fight and Nastasia gets involved. The fight continues when Nastasia and Angie get into a fight outside of the limo, causing Angie and Shelly to get arrested. Nastasia goes back into the house with Judi and Tiara and ruins the girls' mattresses and punching out their pictures. 

Nastasia goes back into the house with Tiara and Judi, but witnesses and stops the altercation between Tiara and Angie. 

As vengeance, Angie and Shelly attempt to force Nastasia to admit to destroying their mattresses, but when they try to sabotage her bleach, they tamper with her eye contacts by putting eyeliner remover in her lenses. This infuriates Nastasia, desperate to find the culprit of who ruined her contacts. Nastasia is amused by Judi's idea to remove Priscilla from the house by throwing milk and cereal at her.

Meanwhile, Nastasia and Tiara stop Tasha when she tries to jump in a physical fight between Judi and Priscilla, and feels that the next target will be Tasha. Nastasia meets replacement Cheyenne, but a conflct escalates when Nastasia confronts Tasha for leaving trash in the room, and she throws a drink at her. Later on, Nastasia starts to get sick and tired of Shelly continuing to bully Judi for small things, and gets into a fight with her. But later on, Nastasia is fed up with Judi trying to do everything she can to get her involved in her issues, this leaves Judi hurt and feeling betrayed.

Nastasia is anxious to throw a surprise birthday party for Tiara. However, Nastasia starts to get annoyed by Cheyenne's racist comments about the type of clubs she wants to go to, and this angers her, and back into the house, Nastasia takes her mattress and sleeps on it in the lounge room, where Cheyenne calls her a bitch, they get into an argument with each other. Nastasia gets angry at Judi when she fails to carry a cake, but is basically annoyed by her either way. Meanwhile, Nastasia decides to call a truce with Shelly, and they go out for brunch, and like Shelly is annoyed of Tasha, Nastasia is annoyed of Judi, and they want to try to find a way to get them both out of the house.

When Nastasia and Shelly start to get along more, but only because Nastasia wants to dig deeper into what's going on with her. They continue it during their trip to Barbados with the rest of the girls. However, Nastasia is definitely annoyed by Tasha's complaining habits and Judi's drinking. Meanwhile, Nastasia tries to send Tasha and Judi home, but her quest to send Judi home was a way to scare her and teach her a lesson, while Nastasia was ready for Tasha to leave, she tried to put her things in a garbage bag, while Tasha tried to stop her, by scratching her in the face, and hitting her with a bag and walking away. Nastasia quickly retaliates by hitting her back, leading to a physical altercation. 

When Tasha reports this to the police, she is evicted since she hit her first. Nastasia and Judi both make up. However, Nastasia is completely stunned when Tiara tells her that Angelic told her that Shelly messed with her contacts. Nastasia plans to attack Shelly on the last day in the house. Meanwhile, Cheyenne annoys Nastasia and the rest of the girls, and Nastasia takes part in throwing her mattress in the pool. 

In the season finale, Nastasia still continues to be on her quest to get Shelly. She confronts Shelly and Angie back home by changing her clothes to a wife beater, sweat pants and sneakers. She warns the two by giving them five seconds to defend themselves, but when not given a good response, Nastasia then physically attacks Shelly. In the end, Nastasia is sent packing. 

At the reunion, unfinished business is continued when Shelly and Nastasia continue their rivalry and the reason behind the contacts. Later on, Nastasia disses Tasha, saying that she has sex with football players. In the end of the reunion, Nastasia says that she has new things coming and releases a music video. 

Music Edit

Nastasia made one song called "H.A.M." which is a diss about Priscilla, Tasha, and Shelly, girls from season 7 of Bad Girls Club.

Bad Girls All-Star Battle (season 1)Edit



  • Nastasia likes to read the dictionary often to brush up on her vocabulary.
  • Her favourite Mascara is Lash Blast by Covergirl
  • She prefers Lipgloss to Lipstick.
  • Nastasia prefers extensions to highlights.
  • She hates flat tops.
  • Her favourite movies are The Little Mermaid and Legally Blonde.
  • Nastasia loves to hate Jada and Will Smith.
  • Her biggest pet peeve is dirty girls.
  • Pretty boys drive her crazy.
  • Her favorite color is Pink.



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