Mehgan vs. Rima and Falen
Season 9: Mexico
Between Mehgan James, Rima Mellal and Falen Ghirmai
Mehgan vs. Rima and Falen is the physical altercation between Mehgan JamesRima Mellal, and Falen Ghirmai in the ninth season of Bad Girls Club. Mehgan is removed from the house after attacking both of them.


After her altercation with Rima at the beach, Mehgan returns home earlier than the other girls and has a conversation with her mother. She is told to "think before she makes a decision." As the other girls enter the house, none of them talk to Mehgan or give her the time of day.

In response, Mehgan grabs Rima's hair the second Rima passes her. As she hits Rima on the head, Falen quickly turns around and begins to stop the fight, however, Mehgan lands a swift punch to Falen's lip, resulting in Falen attacking in a more brutal fashion. Using Rima as a gaurd, Mehgan lands continuous punches on Falen as Rima stumbles off before attempting to jump in. Rima turns her head to avoid another punch just as security seperates Mehgan and Falen. Mehgan continous her assault on Rima until they are pulled apart. Mehgan sits in a chair and watches the chaos ensue as the girls react in utter confusion and anger.


BGC9 Mehgan vs Rima n Falen Unedited MUST SEE HD01:07

BGC9 Mehgan vs Rima n Falen Unedited MUST SEE HD


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