All Bad Girls born in May. There are 10 birthdays:

Asia Jeudy May 5, 1991

Linsey Jade † May 5, 1992

Janelle Shanks May 6, 1990

Kendra James May 8, 1987

Elease Donovan May 14, 1988

Christina "Tina" Aviles May 15, 1992

Danni Victor May 18, 1988

Gabi Victor May 18, 1988

Shelly Hickman May 19, 1987

Amber Zadora May 19, 1993


  • Kendra, Janelle, Elease and Christina does not share the same birthday like everyone else do in May.
  • Elease is 4 days older than her fellow castmates The Victor Twins.

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