All Bad Girls born in March. There are 13 birthdays:

Sarah Oliver March 4, 1985

Joanna Hernandez March 8, 1983

Judi Jai March 8, 1989

Elliadria "Persuasian" Griffen March 12, 1988

Christina Hopkins March 14, 1988

Melissa Green March 14, 1989

Amber McWha March 16, 1986

Jonica Booth March 16, 1988

Shannon Clermont March 21, 1994

Shannade Clermont March 21, 1994

Ad'ryan Jones March 24, 1993

Tess Mett March 26, 1992

Tiffany Davis March 29, 1984

Kristen Guinane March 31, 1986


  • Joana and Judi share a birthday, Christina and Melissa share a birthday, Amber and Jonica share a birthday, & Shannon and Shannade share a birthday.

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