Loren vs. Jada
Season 12: Chicago
Between Jada Cacchilli and Loren Jordan
Number of Fights 3
Loren vs. Jada is the physical altercations between Loren Jordan and Jada Cacchilli. They have the most fights in Season 12, and they have fought 3 times in the show, and once in the reunion.


Round 1Edit

Loren, angered by Jada's fake and erratic behavior, confronts her for being fake when she starts to develop a connection with Alex, who is the current target in the house. Jada is accused of calling Alex a fake bitch in a car, and when Jada denies this, Loren's infuriation increases when the others try to stop her and Jada from confrontingc each other. However, Loren, unexpectedly, jumps onto Jada and Jada pushes Loren back. Loren kicks Jada and Jada grabs Loren's arms and the two wrangle in a fight. Loren was windmilling, while Jada was trying to grab Loren's hair, that made her slap Lo a couple of time. At the end, Jada tries to apologize to Loren and end their animosity, but Loren refuses to be cool with her, yet squashes it.  Winner: Loren

Round 2Edit

After Jada confronts Aysia, Loren yells and confronts Jada, causing her to enter her room and argue with her. Loren repeatedly demands Jada to leave the bedroom, claiming that she isn't welcome. Until Jada refuses and continues to argue with Jada, Loren gets closer to her, leading into a physical altercation. Jada grabs Lorens hair tie and throws a punch. Loren pushes jada and starts punching her. The two continue to punch each other, until loren decides to slam jada to the floor. The fight is broken up, and jada had to go to an hotel. Winner: Loren

Round 3Edit

The aftermath of the previous altercation is Jada returning back from the hotel, where she goes into the phone booth to call a cab. Loren, immaturely, stands outside of the booth and mocks her. Jada, however, tries to ignore Loren, she faces Loren's belligerent and argumentative behavior. Loren insists that Jada should come outside to fight her again, but Jada refuses and tries to ignore her once more. Loren goes inside to fight her in the phone booth. Jada stands up and the two punch each other at the same time. Loren grabs jada hair and pushes her in to the wall. Jada grabs Loren's hair and slams her to the floor and threw some uppercuts. Loren grabs Jada's hair and the two kick each other and the fight is broken up. Winner: Jada


BGC12 - Jada vs

BGC12 - Jada vs. Loren Round 1 (Unedited)

BGC12 - Jada vs

BGC12 - Jada vs. Loren Round 2 (Unedited)

BGC12 - Jada vs

BGC12 - Jada vs. Loren Round 3 (Unedited)