I'm laughing because I farted and it smelled bad.

Lexie Woltz
The Wild Chid
Season(s) 4
First seen Don't Sweat The New Bitch
Last seen Reunion, Part 2: It Ain't Over
Appeared in 12 episodes
Biographical Information
Born December 19, 1988
Title(s) The Wild Child
Hometown Belleville, Illinois
Physical Information
Status Replacement
Made it to the End
Age 21 (filming)
27 (currently)
Gender Female
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Brown
Familial Information
Children 1
Friends Amber McWha
Kendra James
Flo Kaja
Annie Andersen
Dalila Ortiz
Enemies Natalie Nunn
Kate Squillace
Media Information
Twitter @Lexiebgc4
Instagram N/A
Snapchat N/A
 Lexie Woltz (also known as The Wild Child) is a replacement bad girl on Season 4. Lexie is currently 27 years old and she resides in Belleville, Illinois.


Known as "Sexy Lexie," she is a self-described "Barbie," complete with blonde hair and blue eyes. An army brat, Lexie has lived everywhere from Germany to Kentucky. Along the way, she has acquired a tendency to combat authority and become a strong independent woman. She lives by her own rules and likes to manipulate people for her own gain.


Season 4

Bad Girls Episodes
Episode 5 Episode 6-8 Episode 9-12 Episode 13
Lexie Lexie Lexie Lexie Lexie
  1. Lexie replaced Portia in episode 5.
  2. Lexie made it to the end of the show.


Opponents Episode


The Puppet Master


Out With A Bang

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