Laura Baron
Life Coach
Season(s) 12 13 14 15
First seen A Change for the Bad!
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Title(s) Life Coach Laura

Laura the Life Coach

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Gender Female
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Friends Jada Cacchilli
Alyssa "Redd" Carswell
Lauren Lewis
Jenna Charland
Jelaminah Lanier
Kristina Babicz
Angela Babicz
Hanan Ibrahim
Susu Ibrahim
Enemies Julie Ofcharsky
Beatrice Miller
Olivia "Liv" Adams
Diamond "Dime" Jimenez
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Laura Baron is a Life Coach and Relationship Expert specializing in women’s empowerment and is sought out regularly by the media for her expertise. She has coached individuals to critical success for over ten years. Laura launches clients through her unapologetic and non-traditional approach and is known as the modern woman’s premier change agent. Self-taught and influenced by her mom, a former Peace Corps volunteer, and grandmother, a women's rights activist, Laura was born for this work.


Laura Baron is known for her unapologetic approach and uncompromising client launches. She is Life Coach and Host of Oxygen's new hit series Fix My Mom where Laura mends 5 broken mother daughter relationships. Her fresh take and commanding results makes Laura a sought-after Motivational Speaker and top lifestyle expert. Laura is a self-taught success. She specializes in fearlessly launching the power elite. She equips clients with custom tools that help face their truths, maximize their potential, ignite their relationships, and drive success. Laura launches clients through one-on-one consultations and tailored group seminars. Individual clients report greater success using her intuitive and customized methods over traditional therapy. Laura's dynamic seminars are as invigorating as they are transformative. She's empowered clients ranging from small business owners to corporate C-Suite Executives and women in transition for over fifteen years. Influenced by her mom, a former Peace Corps volunteer, and by her grandmother, a women's rights activist, Laura was born for this work.