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Kerry Harvick
{{{Bad Girl Nickname}}}
Season(s) 1
First seen It's Easier to Be Bad
Last seen Bad Wheels Keep On Turning
Appeared in 22 episodes
Biographical Information
Physical Information
Status Bad Girl

Original Stayed

Age 31 (during BGC1 filming)
Gender Female
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Blue
Familial Information
Friends Leslie Ramsue
Zara Sprankle
DeAnn Witt
Enemies Ripsi Terzian
Jodie Howell
Media Information
 Kerry Harvick is an original bad girl on season 1 of the Bad Girls Club. After Kerry's season, she appeared on the first episode of the first spin-off show, Bad Girls Road Trip. Kerry's hometown is Nashville, Tenessee.


Season 1Edit

Bad Girls Road Trip (appearance)Edit


  • Episode 2: Ripsi vs. Kerry

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