Overview Edit

Round 1: Judi throws a drink in Jada's face after Natalie told her to. Jada walks up to fight Judi but is held back by security. Jada kicks Judi in the arm and is carried away. Redd throws a drink on Judi since Jada can't defend herself. Judi is sent to a hotel and put on drink restriction. Winner: Jada

Round 2: After rocky is finished throwing water on Sarah and Judi, Jada argues with judi. And Judi argues with her back. Judi then stands on her bed and starts to yell at Jada. Jada than stands on Judi's bed also. Tired of yelling and wanting Jada off of her bed, Judi pushes Jada, and Jada pushes Judi. Judi then stops pushing her and grabs Jada's arm. And Jada sort of grabs Judi's hair. And then Jada is grabbed by security guard. Winner: Judi

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