Judi vs. Angelic
Season 7: New Orleans
Between Judi Jai and Angie Castillo
Number of Fights 2 (one cut)
Episodes Call Me Karma
Judi vs. Angelic is the physical altercations between Judi Jai and Angie Castillo in the seventh season of Bad Girls Club. Note that there were actually two fights between the two, however, one was cut and not shown in the season.

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Judi vs Angie (Who did the Muffin?!)01:30

Judi vs Angie (Who did the Muffin?!)


BGC7 Lost Fight Angie vs Judi (You Stupid Ass Bitch"00:11

BGC7 Lost Fight Angie vs Judi (You Stupid Ass Bitch"



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