Jessica vs. Lauren
Season 6: Hollywood
Between Jessica Rodriguez and Lauren Spears
Number of Fights 3
Jessica vs. Lauren is the multiple physical altercations between Jessica Rodriguez and Lauren Spears in the sixth season of Bad Girls Club.


Round 1Edit

Lauren confronts Jessica and calls her a bitch. When Jessica reacts to her insult, Jade tries to get in between the fight and stop it, while Jessica grabs Lauren's hair and drags her across the room until she lands on the floor. 

Round 2Edit

Originally a confrontation between Char, Lauren and Nikki, Lauren asks "Where are your followers?" to Char, to which Jessica takes offense to. Jessica hits Lauren in her face, pushes her to a couch, lands a punch with Char in the midst and security stops the altercation right then and there.


BGC6 Jessica vs Lauren Unedited00:15

BGC6 Jessica vs Lauren Unedited

Bad Girls Club 6-Jessica attacks Lauren(HD)00:46

Bad Girls Club 6-Jessica attacks Lauren(HD)


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