Jelaminah vs. Kat
Season 14: Back for More
Between Jelaminah Lanier and Kat Florek

Jelaminah vs. Kat is the physical altercation between Jelaminah Lanier and Kat Florek in the fourteenth season's reunion of Bad Girls Club.


After Jela's entrance, the girls rewatch the altercation that sent Jelaminah, Shannon and Shannade home. Kat makes an indirect comment towards Jela, saying that she isn't 'about that life,' and immediately, Jela reacts by calling her out for jumping in the fight for no reason. Jela confronts Kat, and the two get up to fight. Jela attempts to hit Kat before the security could pull Kat away from her. 


BGC14 Reunion - Kat vs00:58

BGC14 Reunion - Kat vs. Jelaminah Unedited


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