Jazmone vs. Janelle
Season 11: Miami
Between JazMone Adams and Janelle Shanks
Number of Fights 1
Jazmone vs. Janelle is the physical altercation between JazMone Adams and Janelle Shanks during the eleventh season's reunion.


During the reunion, Tanisha calls out Janelle to the stage and compliments Janelle's hair. When Tanisha asks to touch her hair, Jazmone stands up prepared to provoke Janelle. She asks, "What's up, how you feeling?" and pushes her. After Janelle hits her before leaving the house, Jazmone gets her revenge. Meanwhile, Jazmone approaches Janelle once again while she is sitting down. Janelle gets up to retaliate, but security stops her.


BGC11 Reunion - JazMone vs00:32

BGC11 Reunion - JazMone vs. Janelle Round 2

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