They got the wrong b*tch in this house!
Janae Bradford
The Houston Hellraiser
Season(s) 10
First seen Southern Discomfort
Last seen Season 10: Reunion Part 3
Appeared in 6 episodes
Biographical Information
Born April 19, 1989
Title(s) The Houston Hellraiser
Hometown Houston, Texas
Physical Information
Status Original
Voluntarily left
Age 23 (filming)
27 (currently)
Gender Female
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black
Familial Information
Children Alexander (son)
Friends Stephanie George
Tanisha Thomas
Jenn Hardwick
Janelle Shanks
Enemies Nicky Vargas
Alicia Samaan
Valentina Anyanwu
Media Information
Twitter @JanaeBGorgeous
Instagram @jaybgorgeous
Snapchat @Jaybgorgeous1

Janae Bradford (also known as The Houston Hellraiser) is an original bad girl on Season 10. Janae is currently 27 years old and resides in Houston, Texas.


Season 10Edit

Bad Girls

Episode 1 Episode 2 Episode 3
Janae Janae Janae Janae
  1. Janae voluntarily left the house in episode 3 after a physical altercation with Alicia & Valentina.
  2. Janae is replaced by Jenniffer in episode 4.


Opponents Episode

Nikki & Valentina

Houston Ho Down
JanaeAlicia10 Alicia & Valentina Molly-Whopped


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