Hailey vs. The House
Season 11: Miami
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Between Hailey Wade and the girls
Number of Fights Multiple
Hailey vs. The House is the physical altercation between Hailey Wade and the house in the eleventh season of Bad Girls Club. After Hailey's jumping, every girl has to pay a fine for jumping in.


Due to Hailey's drunken behavior, Hailey throws up in the hose, and doesn't admit to it. When all of the girls smell it, each girl provokes her, telling her that she did it so she should clean it up. Jazmone leads it on, and starts a fight with her, physically attacking her, with Tiana, Benze, and the other girls getting involved with the jumping. The security all holds her back. The next day afterwards, the producers all go to the girls that were involved, telling them they have to pay a fine for jumping her since it was very immature and inappropriate; however, this lead to Tiana and Jazmone threatening to leave.


BGC 11 Hailey vs The House Part 1-0

BGC 11 Hailey vs The House Part 1-0