February Birthdays (12 birthdays) Edit

All Bad Girls born in February. There are 12 birthdays:

Gia Sapp-Hernandez February 1, 1989

Christina Salgado February 1, 1992

Brandi Arceneaux February 6, 1984

Mehgan James February 11, 1990

Valentina Anyanwu February 14, 1990

Kayla Carter February 15, 1985

Beatrice "Ginger" Miller February 15, 1993

Jenn Hardwick February 16, 1990

Dalila Ortiz February 17, 1988

Andrea Jones February 19, 1985

Ashley Dye February 24, 1990

Jaimee Wallace February 26, 1993

Tabatha "Dreamdoll" Robinson February 28, 1992


  • 4 of the Bad Girls who have birthdays in February are from Season 9.
  * Of those 4 girls, Christina is the only one who did not celebrate her birthday while she was in the house. 
  * Christina's birthday was right before she entered the house.
  • Valentina is exactly 2 days older than fellow cast member Jenn.
  • Gia and Christina shares the same birthday while Kayla and Ginger also shares the same birthday.

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