2016-07-04 01.53.00

Top Row: Amy, Jela, and Lea

Middle Row: Jaz, Rocky, and Sarah

Bottom Row: Jada, Christina, and Lauren

The Fan Favorite Winners is a recognition that bad girls received after named the fan favorite of the season. The poll started in Season 3. Winner with the most votes win.

Season 3Edit

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WINNER: Tiffany Davis

RUNNER UP: Amber Meade

2nd RUNNER UP: Kayla Carter

Season 4Edit

2016-07-04 02.12.09

WINNER: Flo Kaja

RUNNER UP: Natalie Nunn 2nd

RUNNER UP: Portia Beaman

Season 5Edit

2016-07-04 05.44.19

WINNER: Lea Beaulieu

RUNNER UP: Kristen Guinane

2nd RUNNER UP: Catya Washington

Season 6Edit

2016-07-04 05.55.51

WINNER: Lauren Spears

RUNNER UP: Char Warren

RUNNER UP: Jessica Rodriguez

Season 7Edit

2016-07-04 05.59.50

WINNER: Tiara Hodge


2nd RUNNER UP: Nastasia Townsend

Season 8Edit

2016-07-04 06.04.07

WINNER: Camila Poindexter

RUNNER UP: Danielle & Gabi Victor

2nd RUNNER UP: Amy Cieloski

Season 9Edit

2016-07-04 06.06.00

WINNER: Christina Salgado

RUNNER UP: Mehgan James

2nd RUNNER UP: Erika Jordan

Season 10Edit

2016-07-04 06.10.10

WINNER: Rocky Santiago

RUNNER UP: Paula Hellens

2nd RUNNER UP: Nicky Vargas

Season 11Edit

2016-07-04 06.19.15

WINNER: Sarah Oliver

RUNNER UP: Janelle Shanks

2nd RUNNER UP: Tiana Small

Season 12Edit

2016-07-04 06.48.25

WINNER: Jada Cacchilli

RUNNER UP: Loren Jordan

2nd RUNNER UP: Alyssa "Redd" Carswell

Season 13Edit

2016-07-04 06.49.08

WINNER: Rocky Santiago

RUNNER UP: Camilla Poindexter

2nd RUNNER UP: Dani Victor

Season 14Edit

2016-07-04 06.50.00

WINNER: Jelaminah Lanier

RUNNER UP: The Clermont Twins

2nd RUNNER UP: Jenna Charland

Season 15Edit

2016-07-04 06.50.30


WINNER: Jazmyn "Jaz" Wallace

RUNNER UP: Asia Jeudy

2nd RUNNER UP: Kristina Babicz

2016-07-04 06.51.23


WINNER: Jazmyn "Jaz" Wallace & Jaimee Wallace

RUNNER UP: Amber Thorne & Asia Jeudy

2nd RUNNER UP: Susu Ibrahim & Hanan Ibrahim