Christina vs. Rima
Season 9: Mexico
Between Christina Salgado and Rima Mellal
Number of Fights 2
Christina vs. Rima is the physical altercation between Christina Salgado and Rima Mellal in the ninth season of Bad Girls Club. As a result of this fight, Christina is removed from the house.


Round 1Edit

Christina goes to confront Rima near the pool, where she is sitting in a pool chair. Christina demands that Rima gets out of the pool to fight her, and when Rima defends herself and the two threaten each other, Christina retaliates by slapping her in the face. The two fight each other and wrestle around the patio until Ashley and Andrea break the fight apart.

Round 2Edit

Christina continues to infuriate Rima, demanding another round. Rima gets out of the pool with Falen to fight Christina again. This time, the two throw punches at each other and land on the ground. Ashley and Andrea once again try to stop the altercation. Christina kicks Rima in the face, and Rima bites Christina's leg before security comes to break the fight up. Christina is removed from the house after this fight.


BGC9 - Christina vs Rima Unedited (Unaired Footage)03:23

BGC9 - Christina vs Rima Unedited (Unaired Footage)


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