Christina vs. Julie
Season 9: Mexico
Between Christina Salgado and Julie Ofcharsky
Number of Fights 3
Christina vs. Julie is the physical altercations between Christina Salgado and Julie Ofcharsky in the ninth season of Bad Girls Club.



Christina and Julie's rivalry immediately began as soon as the season progressed. Julie had made negative comments about Christina to Mehgan and Falen as they judged the girls outside of a nightclub in Mexico. Christina confronted Julie publicly about the situation. 

Round 1Edit

Christina and Julie fight each other in the kitchen, when Julie bluntly states that she doesn't like Christina, she replies with the same attitude. The two soon get into a physical altercation and both land punches towards each other. After security gets involved, Christina burns Julie's weave that she pulls out.

Round 2Edit

Same area: Christina calls Julie fat and Julie retaliates once again and the two fight each other.

Round 3Edit

Christina makes an indirect comment that Julie feels offended by. The two fight each other again.


BGC9 - Christina VS Julie (Round's 1---3)-001:21

BGC9 - Christina VS Julie (Round's 1---3)-0

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