Char's Minions
Season 6
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Between Char Warren
Jessica Rodriguez
Kori Koether
Number of Fights Sydney Steinfeldt
Ashley King
Jennifer Buonagurio

Char's Minions is one of the cliques in the sixth season of Bad Girls Club. The clique includes Char WarrenJessica Rodriguez and Kori Koether. The clique slowly progressed in the third episode of the season, where they plotted to kick Nikki Galladay out of the house.




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Char's minions were Kori & Jessica, although Kori & Jesssica at one point thought Char was actually they're friend, at the reunion Char reaveals she never really had any friends and she cared about making it to the end which leads to all the girls telling at her. It is also revealed at the reunion show that they are no longer her 'minions'. Char & her minions were never really friends with best friends Nikki & Lauren.