You step one more foot towards me, and I'm going to lay your ass out!
Brittany "Britt" Britton
The Country Hustler
Season(s) 12
First seen Breaking Bad Girls
Last seen Season 12: Reunion Part 3
Appeared in 15 Episodes
Biographical Information
Born July 13, 1989
Title(s) Britt
Hometown Louisville, Kentucky
Physical Information
Status Original
Age 24 (filming)
27 (currently)
Gender Female
Hair Color Dirty Blonde
Eye Color Green
Familial Information
Lover Johnny "JJ" (fiancè)
Children Kolby Jonathan (son)
Friends Alex Rice
Redd Carswell
Jonica Booth
Loren Jordan
Aysia Garza
Raesha Clanton
Enemies Linsey Jade
Jada Cacchilli
Dalila Ortiz
Media Information
Twitter @aboutBrittany
Instagram @aboutBrittany
Snapchat N/A

Brittany "Britt" Britton (also known as The Country Hustler) is an original bad girl on Season 12. Britt is currently 27 years old and she resides in Louisville, Kentucky.


With her loud personality, Britt is always the life of the party and works as a shot girl to fill her appetite for money and alcohol. She's self-proclaimed hustler who demands respect and believes she has the ability to convince people to do anything she wants. Growing up wasn't easy for her; in her mom's absence, she designated herself as the mama bear to her siblings and was taxed with responsibility of being their perfect role model. Although, she knowns she hasn't always been perfect, she hopes to use the time in the BGC house to focus on herself.


Season 12: Chicago

Bad Girls Episodes
Episode 1 Episode 2-9 Episode 10 Episode 11 Episode 12
Britt Britt Britt Britt Britt Britt
  1. Britt is removed from the house in episode 12 after a physical altercation with Dalila.
  2. Britt is replaced by Raesha in episode 13.



Image Opponents Episode
Brittdalila Dalila Insults and Injuries
Brittjada Jada Season 12: Reunion Part Two
Brittdalila2 Dalila Season 12: Reunion Part 3


"You step one more foot towards me, and I'm going to lay your ass out"

"I can't stand that bitch!"



On February 2, 2015, Britt announced her pregnancy. Her due date is July 26.

  • She gave birth to a baby boy named Kolby Jonathan.


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