Bgc redemption fanmade
Season 1 of fanmade, Episodes 16
Season Premiere december 4th 2015
Season Finale march 1st 2016
Season Guide


1: the girls arrived and they all hated ari and started harrassing her so ari quitted.

2.julia,liz and beatrices and sasha's realationship begins to shatter. so they got into a fight,when it became physical,julia and liz were removed,and ashlyn replaced julia. turned to a team deathmatch where everyone was fighting,sadly,three bad girls had to be removed and 3 replaced.

4.the first episode ppl stayed,they all chose sides. replacements vs originals.

Bad Girls 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
bridgette 1st to arrive stayed stayed stayed
amber 2nd to arrive stayed stayed stayed
tiana 3rd to arrive stayed stayed stayed
alli (replaced beatrice) not here not here joined stayed
alia (replaced sasha) not here not here joined stayed
christina (replaced ashlyn) not here not here joined stayed
beatrice 4th to arrive stayed removed (7th place)
sasha 5th to arrive stayed removed (8th place)
ashlyn (replaced julia) not here joined as replacement removed(9th place)
julia 6th to arrive removed (10th place)
liz 7th to arrive removed (11th place)
ari quit (12th place)

<tr class="vevent" style="text-align: center; "> <td class="summary" style="text-align: left;"> </td></tr>note: ari quit due to so many hating her

note:liz and julia were removed for getting into a fight with sasha and beatrice

note:ashlyn replaced julia in episode 2

note:ash,sash,and beatrice were removed in episode 3

note:alia,alli,and christina joined

original bad girls

name age hometown "bad girl"


bridgette 21 Atlanta "The Surfer"
amber 26 Houston "the houston hustler"
tiana 20 Trenton "the manipulative sheep"
beatrice 18 Hollywood "the power princess"
sasha 18 Hollywood "the slutty princess"
julia 23 Miami "the blonde leshawna"
liz 23 Miami "the blonde baller"
ari 21 new york "the pink-haired city girl"
ashlyn (replacement) 25 compton "the compton baller"
christina (replacement) 22 new york "the giants cheerleader"
alli&alia (playing as one,replacement twins) 16 chicago "the chicago younglings"

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